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Drive your online sales through conversations

Smartsupp combines live chat, chatbots, and video recordings to help save you time and effectively convert visitors into loyal customers.
Live chat conversation between a customer and an agent

Trusted by 100 000+ active customers worldwide

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The proof is in the numbers–our customers trust the results

  • +40% conversion to a deal
  • +25% increase in sales leads
  • 18% conversion to chat on mobile
“The conversion to a deal is much higher with Smartsupp at 40%, along with the very visible 25% increase in sales leads.”
Rutger de Groot
Rutger de Groot
CEO of Bconnect
  • +169% conversion rate
  • +30% average order value
  • 98% satisfaction rating
“Smartsupp Live Chat helped us boost our sales by 10.8%. We have been using Smartsupp for several years and it helped us deliver a 30% higher order value and a 169% higher conversion rate.”
Jakub Klaus
Jakub Klaus
E-Commerce Director of Breno
  • +397% conversion rate
  • 150 monthly chatbot interactions
  • 95% satisfaction rating
“Conversation is the key-live chat delivers a higher conversion rate. We were able to achieve 379% more sales with visitors who used chat versus the ones who didn’t.”
Jan Houdek
Jan Houdek
CEO and owner of Dokonalá Káva
  • 60% of communication handled by chat
  • 1/2 of their working day saved with chatbot
  • 30% of the queries they received resolved by chatbot
“Smartsupp's chatbot helps us save ½ of a working day per agent, and resolves 30% of our customers' queries.”
Šárka Kaiserová
Šárka Kaiserová
Director of Operations, Law & Processes
  • 20% of communication handled via chat
  • 30 people are able to share the workload
  • 9h per day with the online status “On” via chat
"Smartsupp's chatbot runs on our website 24/7, saving customer support loads of time."
Tomáš Linhart
Tomáš Linhart
Project Manager
  • 150 conversations per day
  • 3000 daily visits
  • 40% of all queries resolved by chatbot
“During the high season, we have 150 conversations a day. The chat provides us with enough time to respond. There is no pressure to respond like there is on a phone call.”
Irena Žirovnická
Irena Žirovnická
Customer Support Manager

Provide the human touch

Make every visitor interaction valuable, resolve customer needs instantly, and drive sales via live chat.
  • every 5th conversation ends with conversion
  • + 30% average order value when chatting

Save your business precious time

Put your chatbot on the frontline and leverage the human agent resources when they really count.
  • 50% decrease in repetitive questions
  • + 248% conversion rate with chatbot

Increase sales opportunities

Gather key insights about your visitors’ buyer journey by identifying where to improve your website.
  • 98% of customers are happy with the advice
  • 10.8% of revenue comes from chatting

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