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Great choice! Order today and get 1 extra year of warranty.
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Say goodbye to repetitive work. Have our chatbot handle all the tedious questions.

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Automatically address visitors on your website and get more orders.

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Where do you ride?
Where would you like to store your bicycle?
I have a big apartment
I don’t have much space
A folding bike is the best choice for a small apartment.

Make the purchase journey 2x faster

Help customers make buying decisions in no time at all.

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Bring the in-store shopping experience online

Strike up personal conversations with your visitors. Help them select the right products and turn them into loyal customers.

This saddle will go great with that bicycle you bought last year.

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Stay in touch with your customers – thanks to our mobile app.

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Hello! Could you help me assemble the bike from your shop?

Personalize their shopping experience

Use customer data to add a personal touch.

Can I pick up the package in person?
Does this bike come with a full service?
Can you send me a digital copy of the manual?

Manage multiple channels

Live chat, email communication, and Facebook Messenger – all in one convenient place.

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See where you lose your customers

Get a deeper understanding of your customers’ behavior with video recordings. Use this information to improve your website and ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Join the 523 258 companies and freelancers relying on Smartsupp

"Smartsupp is a lifesaver! It helps all of our customers to complete their purchase!"

Thanks to Smartsupp, we are able to assist multiple customers and answer their questions in no time. Most of these customers then make a purchase so Smartsupp works very well for us!

Otakar Janík Co-founder of

"With Smartsupp we are able to turn 8 out of 10 conversations into a sale."

Customer communication is absolutely essential for our business. The best thing about Smartsupp is that it makes our communication more effective and gives us more opportunities to make a sale. Now we are able to turn 8 out of 10 questions into a sale!

Ondřej Vrabec Owner of

"Smartsupp helps us generate more than ten thousands additional sales each month."

Smartsupp is an essential communication and sales tool. It works great. On average, every third conversation leads to a sale.

Dan Višňák Co-founder of

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