How to Choose the Best Chatbot App in 2024? Everything You Need to Know

How to Choose the Best Chatbot App in 2024? Everything You Need to Know

Learn how to choose the perfect chatbot app with our ultimate guide. Get the tips and our picks and make your business thrive.

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It’s no wonder that companies and teams look for such a powerful supporter as a chatbot app. It’s always up to assist your visitors in automatable tasks. And what’s more, implementing a chatbot app does not require being a tech expert. 

Are you into it? If your answer is yes, we’re here to guide you through the process of choosing the best AI chatbots step by step. Best chat providers included.

Ready to get the knowledge on selecting the best chatbot app? 

Let’s start, then.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbot is a program that assists you in handling automated conversations with your visitors. It is the little box, usually in the bottom right corner of your website. 

Using a chatbot feels like talking to someone, but it’s actually a bunch of code behind the scenes. 

It’s designed to: 

  • have conversations 
  • answer questions
  • help you with whatever you’ve designed it for 

Your visitors can chat with it through a messaging app or a website. Some of the apps use artificial intelligence to understand what your customers ask for and give them human-like responses.

Things to consider before doing the research

Before you jump into the research of chatbot apps, let’s get some things sorted out.

✔️ Figure out what you need. It will help you narrow down the options when searching for a chatbot app. 

✔️ Take a good look at your wallet. Determine how much you are willing to invest in a chatbot app and weigh it against the features and benefits you expect. 

✔️ Check the reviews. It might be the ones from industry peers, online communities, or review websites like G2. Getting their perspective can give you a lot of insights and save you from pitfalls. 

What makes a good chatbot app?

Good features? Yes, but… They need to be top-quality, reliable, and groundbreaking. Because if you want to create great things, you need to be equipped with great resources. 

We’ve prepared a list of must-have features to help you out and save some of your valuable time.

Usability – make a chatbot an extension of your website

Let’s wear website visitor shoes for a moment. Would you be encouraged to drop a line if the chat box looked a bit overwhelming or confusing? Probably not. A user-friendly and simple design is very crucial because it may determine whether or not someone clicks on the chat window.

A chat widget has a tough task ahead of it – it needs to blend with your website harmoniously and, at the same time, be noticeable. It may sound impossible, but it’s doable. 

💡 Smartsupp chat box offers many customization features, so you can change the colors, add the live agent photo (if you use the live chat tool) or make the chat window a bit bigger or smaller. And thanks to its optimized size, it does not disturb while browsing. 

Integration – connect it to the right systems

Seeking optimal efficiency and superior user experiences? Then you should pay attention to how chatbot software connects with other systems. Look at its native integrations and see if it works with other apps.

When it performs well, and you can effortlessly integrate it with your CRM or a ticketing system, chatbots can access relevant customer information. And based on it, they offer personalized assistance and enhance customer experience.

Scalability – handle more workload

Scalability refers to the app’s ability to handle more work. Your amazing business will grow, and so will your needs. And then more features come in handy. Check how the app you’re considering adapts to cope with the rising demands.

💡 At Smartsupp, you can upgrade your plan anytime you want. And for the hungry ones, there’s an enterprise option where you can adjust the limits. 

Customizability – transform a chatbot so it’s truly yours

For delivering the best chatbot customer service, check on the customization features. There are plenty of businesses and niches. Each is unique and requires a tailored approach. 

Choose the chatbot provider that makes it easy to toggle the settings as you wish. 

Here is the reason –  personalized interactions make chatbots more engaging and meaningful to users. 

💡 Check if you can change the chat box design, adjust the number of conversations that the chatbot can handle, and you can send trigger messages to the visitors at the right moment.

Best Chatbot Apps in 2024

Let’s figure out the best chatbot apps.

#1 Smartsupp

When looking for a trustworthy solution for customer care and e-commerce, look no further than Smartsupp. It’s a chatbot platform and a live chat solution. 

Smartsupp chatbot app

Smartsupp pros

🟢 Integrations for endless possibilities

Integrating your CMS, ecommerce platform, and analysis tools (for example, Google Analytics or Facebook Messenger) is a breeze at Smartsupp. The chatbot app has got your back. 

And guess what? 

The integration possibilities are practically endless. Discover your favorite tools and have them in sync.

🟢 Proactive messages for extra upsell push

Ever wondered how to engage visitors proactively? Smartsupp’s automatic messages let your customers know you’re ready to assist.

 But wait, there’s more! 

You have the power to set conditions for these messages. Personalized messages are sent automatically based on visited pages, time spent, and more. The better customer experience at your fingertips.

🟢 Video recordings for knowing your visitors better

Video recording tracks the pages users visit, their mouse movements, clicks, and even where they get stuck. This excellent tool provides valuable insights into your users’ preferences and highlights areas for optimization in your ecommerce shopping experience and customer satisfaction. 

🟢 Order status check for better customer experience

If you use Shoptet, your chatbot will answer questions about the order status for you. The customers will stay informed thanks to package tracking in real-time. But Smartsupp will also use AI for more complex tasks pretty soon!

Be the first who embrace the power of AI chatbots at Smartsupp. 

Smartsupp pricing 

  • Free at $0/forever/one agent that comes with a live chat and 100 conversations per month.
  • Standard at $19,5/month/three agents and offers chatbot, automatic messages, video recording, and more
  • PRO at $48/month/three agents, a chatbot included

Check the pricing and explore the possibilities.

#2 Tidio

When looking for a live chat and a chatbot, Tidio is one of the options. Check it out if you like their offer. 

Tidio page

Tidio flaws

🔴 The free plan only includes 50 live chat conversations, which may be insufficient, especially for growing companies with higher chat volume demands.

🔴 Paid plans also have limitations on chat volumes. However, compared to other alternatives, the paid plans offer unlimited conversations with visitors.

🔴 The communicator plan is limited to five agents. You may run into challenges if you need more agents but don’t need all the capabilities bundled in the higher plan.

🔴 The free trial period lasts only 7 days, which is relatively short compared to the longer trial periods offered by some alternative solutions.

Tidio pros

  • trigger messages
  • AI chatbot technology (only in the enterprise plan)
  • bundling options for the Communicator and Chatbots plans

Tidio pricing

  • Free plan at €0/forever
  • Starter at €29/month/three agents
  • Communicator plan at €25/month/three agents 
  • Chatbots plan at €29/month/one to five agents
  • Tidio+ at €394/month, with pricing scaling based on the desired features and seats

There might be a better solution waiting just around the corner. Tidio’s offerings may have their blind spots, so it’s worth considering alternatives that provide a higher level of customer service. Let’s explore some of these alternatives below. 👇🏻

#3 Intercom

Intercom provides flexible customer support software that may suit businesses in diverse industries like e-commerce, finance, or others. Its feature set brings a chatbot and also a live chat.

Intercom page

Intercom flaws

🔴 No free trial. This means you are unable to test the software and its user experience before making a commitment.

🔴 No free plan. It’s a way to check out software’s features without buying.

🔴 High Costs. Users have reported that both the add-ons and subscription plans as pricey, potentially straining your budget.

🔴 The notification system and customer support could be better. Some users have raised concerns about it. So it’s risky to miss chat interactions. 

Intercom pros

  • tailored bots
  • add-ons (extra paid)
  • surveys for gathering customer feedback (a paid add-on)

Intercom pricing

There are two pricing plans. To use a chatbot you need to subscibe the PRO plan. Contact a salesperson for detailed pricing information. The lack of transparency can be time-consuming and may end up costing more.

It’s a bit risky option since there’s no way to try Intercom out. 

#4 Olark

Olark may help you to stay connected with visitors and customers. Figure out if its AI chatbot app will do the work for you. 

Olark page

Olark flaws

🔴 Limited pricing plans. Olark offers only two pricing plans, making it difficult for businesses to choose the right plan for their needs. More flexible pricing options might work better for companies with varying priorities.

🔴 Absence of a dedicated mobile application. Olark currently lacks a dedicated mobile app, limiting the ability to provide seamless customer support on the go. It’s a significant shortcoming for those who also use a live chat for customer care.

🔴 The chatbot is available only in the Pro plan. Businesses looking to automate customer interactions may find it restrictive. Adding chatbots to multiple plans would give businesses of all sizes more options.

🔴 Due to Olark’s lack of a free plan, smaller businesses and startups may not want to try it out. A free plan with limited features could be like a gateway for businesses to experience Olark’s capabilities.

Olark pros

  • unlimited chat conversation history 
  • live chat backup
  • add-ons

Olark’s AI chat app is a good solution for those who do not need an advanced set of features. 

Olark pricing

There are two pricing plans. To use a chatbot, you need to subscribe to the PRO plan. Contact sales to know the price. 

#5 ChatBot

It is an AI-powered chatbot platform with various features you might find useful. ChatBot is designed to automate customer communication.

ChatBot page

ChatBot flaws

🔴 It might be a bit pricey for smaller companies

🔴 There’s no free plan. 

🔴 If you want to support your visitor via live chat as well, you need to buy a separate subscription plan. You don’t have to extra for live chat with other competitors.

ChatBot pros

  • chatbot builder
  • reporting
  • integrations (for example, with Facebook Messenger and other popular messaging platforms)

ChatBot pricing 

  • Starter $65/month/one active chatbot
  • Team at $169/month/five active chatbot
  • Business at $499/month/unlimited active chatbots
  • Enterprise with customizable pricing

When searching for a solution that makes use of the power of natural language processing, ChatBot could be one of the options to consider. But before you dive in, take a good look at the software to verify it’s the right fit for you.

Choose the best chatbot app for you

In a digital world where human connection is highly valued, personalization features help bridge the gap between users and technology.

To choose the best solution for you, delve into the world of the best AI chatbot apps and weigh the pros and cons of each option.

Our top pick is Smartsupp. Sign up and generate human-like responses in a snap taking customer satisfaction to new heights.

Chatbot app: FAQ

What is a chatbot, and how does it work?

A chatbot is a program powered by advanced AI technology (but not always) that interacts with users like a human. The bots rely on machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to understand and answer questions. A chatbot simulates human-like conversations based on algorithms and predefined responses.

What are the key features to look for in a chatbot app?

Look for key features like conversational AI, NLP for accurate responses, AI-powered capabilities for continuous improvement, integration with platforms like Facebook Messenger, and customization options. 

When having them all, you can have natural, interactive conversations.

What are some of the best chatbot apps in 2024?

The number one among other AI chatbot apps is definitely Smartsupp. The others that you might consider are Drift, Tidio, Intercom, or Olark. But watch out for their limitation and do thorough research before committing.

What is an AI chatbot app?

An AI chatbot app is an application that uses artificial intelligence technology to run an interactive human conversation with users.

 But not only. 

They use algorithms and machine learning techniques to understand and respond to user queries and commands as if you were talking to an agent. It’s quite a popular solution in industries like e-commerce or customer care. 

If you are looking for an affordable solution or a way to save your resources, an AI chatbot might be the option for you. 

What is the difference between regular chatbots and AI chatbots?

Although chatbots and AI chatbots both let you have human-like conversations, there’s a difference between them. 

👉🏻 Regular chatbots follow predefined rules and scripts to respond.

👉🏻 AI chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that adapt and learn as they go.

AI-powered chatbots are more advanced. Unlike traditional chatbots, they understand context, learn from data, and provide more intelligent and personalized answers. Try them out and switch from traditional chatbots to AI-based ones. You might feel the difference.

Is there a free chatbot app powered by artificial intelligence?

Most advanced AI chatbot solutions are paid. If you find one, make sure it’s really free of charge. Some of the software providers offer only chatbot triggers instead of a free AI chatbot.