Boost Your Online Store's Appeal: The Ultimate Guide to Product Cards

Boost Your Online Store's Appeal: The Ultimate Guide to Product Cards

Grab visitors' attention with one trick! Display products or services using product cards. See what they are and how you can use them in your online shop.

Genuinely connect with your visitors
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The first impression is everything when you’re shopping online. Eye-catching content is what matters here. So, you should consider not only what you’re selling but how it looks when you’re selling it.

Need some ideas? Product cards are something you may want to try. It’s our fresh take on showcasing your items. 

What are the product cards?

Product cards in e-commerce are concise, visual summaries of items for sale. They turn dull text links into beautiful Product cards that grab attention in an instant. 

Typically, they display an image, a short description, price details, and sometimes ratings or reviews.

The product cards are super helpful in turning your chats into sales. You can convert links into attractive cards to present your products.​​​​​​ Also, the cards make chat more appealing and engaging. 

Why use product cards?

🔵 Quick glance at products – no more endless scrolling

Product cards cut the clutter. They provide a quick look at each item, so the prospects are confused by too many text links. They’re also interactive and easy to use.

🔵 Catching your eye – bringing the store to your screen

Since visitors can’t pick up and examine products online, these cards step in with clear visuals and just the right amount of detail to grab their attention.

🔵 Side-by-side simplicity – easy to compare

Options are presented to visitors. Product cards make it a breeze to compare products.

🔵 Customization – they know what people like

With product cards, you can show multiple items right in the chat box. It lets you put complementary products side by side. Don’t miss this upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

🔵 Shows the brand personality – communication is streamlined

Each product card is like a mini hello from your brand. It shows off the product in a way that’s true to your style.

How to modify product cards using OG tags?

What is an “OG tag”?

OG tags stand for open graph tags. They are pieces of code that controls how the links are displayed when shared, whether it is on social media like Facebook, Slack, or in our product cards.

You’ll find OG tags in the <head> section of your website’s source code. Any code part labeled with ‘og:’ before a property name signifies an Open Graph tag.

There are 17 different OG tags available for use. To help your customers understand your product, focus on these three essential tags:

  1. Product Name (OG tag:title): Key for quick navigation, along with the product image.
  2. Product Description (OG tag:description): Provides crucial information that helps potential customers understand the product’s purpose.
  3. Product Image (OG tag:image): A vital factor in the effectiveness of the product card.

You can change your product cards’ image by updating it in your OG tags. This customizable option lets you show your items the way you want them.

The changes will take effect in 24 hours.

Product cards and OG tags: benefits

More people clicking through to your site

Attractive product shares on social media drive traffic. They grab attention and can lead to more people checking your products and visiting your site, curious to see what else you have in store.

Effortless and continuous interaction

Displaying product cards with OG tags encourages people to click through and see your product in detail, see your product on social media, and click through. And in the end, they get what they expect. Just a smooth transition that makes browsing and buying easier.

Keeping your brand’s look consistent everywhere

Your products show up looking professional and on-brand, even in your chat box. 

Getting your marketing right

This also gets your products in front of the right eyes – your items are displayed to people who are truly into your offer. Ideal for targeted marketing. With product cards, you can cross-sell, displaying related or complementary products.

Specific use cases

Fashion e-shop – showcasing collections in chat widgets

If you run a fashion e-shop, imagine dropping pics of your latest collection right into chat conversations. 

You chat via live chat about their product preferences, and there you are, showing off your seasonal specials. It’s super easy for customers to find something they love and buy it on the spot.

Book e-shop – highlighting bestsellers in chat interactions

For book e-shop owners, using your web chat to promote bestsellers and the latest arrivals is a great idea. As customers ask about good reads, they see interesting product cards popping up in the chat window. 

Travel e-shop – promoting destinations when chatting

Use chat interactions to showcase popular destinations and the best deals. A customer asks about beach holidays, and they see a product card with a sun-soaked beach deal in the chat box. 

Want to try OG tags and product cards at your online store? Sign up for Smartsupp today to level up the customer experience. Get visitors to click on your offerings by showcasing them in a fun way.