10 Things You Should Know About Boosting Product Sales in E-commerce

10 Things You Should Know About Boosting Product Sales in E-commerce

Learn the essential tips and tricks for boosting product sales in e-commerce! This blog post outlines 10 must-know tactics for your online store. Dive in to discover how you can increase your bottom line with effective strategies for targeting new customers and retaining loyal ones.

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Sales is what keeps a company running and makes it profitable. But how to sell products effectively? Well, there are some things you need to know.

No worries if you’re unsure where to start boosting product sales. We’ve got your back. We’ve listed ten crucial points about product sales and a few tips on increasing revenue.

But before that, let’s talk about the basics.

What is product sales?

Product sales refer to the process of selling products or services to customers, both physical and digital items. They may be available to buy in brick-and-mortar stores as well as online. The primary goal of product sales is to generate revenue.

But it’s not that easy and requires some effort.

You need to know things about boosting product sales

Without further ado, let’s look at ten useful details of selling products.

#1 Customer service is crucial

When selling products, it is essential to provide excellent customer service. It builds relationships with customers and helps to ensure customer satisfaction. When a customer gets immediate help, for example, via live chat, they will likely return shopping to your store in the future.

What’s more, a positive customer service experience may increase word-of-mouth marketing. Customers who are satisfied with a product or service tend to recommend it to their friends and family.

Besides, the customer support process is an integral part of the sales cycle, as it helps to provide valuable feedback and insights. Using feedback is a great way to improve products and services.

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#2 Sales team works way more effectively with reliable tools

Sales reps have their hands full – dealing with customers’ inquiries, generating qualified leads, negotiating contracts with potential customers, and more. That is why it’s worth investing in tools to ease sales teams’ workload. It would be impossible to deal with everything manually. Luckily, tools come to the rescue.

There are many of them available in the market, and it’s hard to choose the most crucial ones without thinking them over. However, Why not use Smartsupp to boost product sales and communicate with customers? Thanks to a chatbot, it helps automate customer service tasks and minimize time spent replying to repetitive messages. So salespeople have more time and room to focus on the responsibilities that require their attention.

#3 Loyalty program encourages customers to buy

Various types of loyalty programs work as a reward for customers who are loyal to you. They often get special offers for loyalty club members or get informed about sales or new products ahead of time. Also, when loyal customers buy something from you, they can gain some points that could be redeemed later for discounts, free products, gift cards, or other incentives. And that is something that motivates them to purchase!

So if you want to effectively sell your product, maybe you should create a reward system.

People who participate in such programs are more likely to recommend the product or service to others. As a result, the company gains exposure to potential new customers.

#4 Special offers attract existing customers

Additionally, sales team members can create a QR code for exclusive discounts and offers, reaching out to both loyalty program participants and non-participants. Offering sales and special offers for your existing customers also boost product sales.

Did you know that around 90% of respondents admitted using coupons for shopping in the past year? That’s a lot, isn’t it?

You can use discounts, freebies, or referral programs – those are only a few of the available options. For instance, freebies for game deals are a great way to keep customers coming back. Give away samples of your product or service to your current customer base. People love getting free stuff, and they will enjoy the gesture.

What’s more, they can check how the product works in practice. And if it meets customer needs, they will likely purchase a full-sized product.

#5 Marketing strategy needs regular updates

Keeping a marketing strategy up to date affects product sales a lot. It’s crucial to stay ahead of the competition and be able to quickly and accurately adapt to the ever-changing market.


A company can increase its sales and improve its bottom line by regularly analyzing the results of ongoing strategies (e.g. by campaign tracking with a UTM builder) and making changes to fit the current market conditions.

Moreover, regular updates help businesses discover new opportunities—for example, TikTok. Creating content on TikTok might increase website traffic a lot! If your video goes viral (don’t forget to transcribe audio to text for subtitles), even hundreds of thousands of people might see it and get interested in your products or services. You can get reminders about updating your strategy if you keep track of dates on a marketing calendar.

#6 Tasks automation speeds up the sales process

A great example of a tool that automates tasks is Smartsupp. Thanks to the chatbot solution, the sales team doesn’t need to worry about constantly replying to repeated inquiries. Also, a chatbot works as a shopping assistant. You can program it to suggest established products to customers and prospects. And it’s fully automated! It saves tons of time, energy, and also money.

Most importantly, it speeds up the sales process and may increase revenue.

Smartsupp is very intuitive, so both sales reps and customers will find it helpful. But the list of benefits does not end here. Read more about the benefits of using a support bot for online businesses.

#7 Knowing your customers helps create effective marketing campaigns

Driving sales is more effective when you know your target audience’s preferences and needs. Then, it will be much easier to turn qualified leads into paying customers using, for example, targeted campaigns.

First of all, businesses need to determine which audience they want to reach and then use specific messaging and strategies for that group of people. The ad you create for a business owner will be slightly different from the ad you make for a teenager, right?

Aside from that, your sales team’s main focus should be your buyer persona – the target of your marketing efforts. In other words, it’s your most likely customer who fits into your ideal customer profile.

A deep understanding of the preferences and needs of your target audience drives effective marketing campaigns. By collecting leads and enriching customer data, businesses can gain valuable insights into their target audience, allowing them to create targeted campaigns that they can tailor to specific groups of people. For example, an ad for a business owner would likely be different from an ad for a teenager.

In addition to targeting specific audiences, businesses should also focus on their buyer persona - the ideal customer profile representing their marketing efforts’ target. By knowing and understanding this critical group of potential customers, businesses can create messaging and strategies more likely to resonate with them and drive sales.

#8 Personalization makes people buy products

Personalization has become increasingly significant in customer decision-making when it comes to buying products. Personalization gives users a sense of connection to your brand and the product or services — shoppers can customize it to their preferences and tastes.

A personalized approach can range from offering users options to customize the product to providing personalized promotional offers and discounts tailored to their needs and interests.

Besides, customization plays a crucial role in communicating with customers and clients. Using Smartsupp, customer service or sales team members see visitors’ details such as:

  • where do they come from
  • how many times have they visited your website
  • localization
  • online status
  • how many times have they reached you

You’ll find more details in the Visitors tab. All the information enables a sales team to provide more personalized service.

Smartsupp dashboard

#9 A well-design e-commerce website makes people spend more

An intuitive e-commerce website should provide all the necessary details, such as product features, a clearly explained return policy, and an easy checkout process. But the key is that the information should be easy to find and access. Furthermore, a well-designed website shows your customers that you are reliable, trustworthy, and professional.

When customers can quickly and easily make purchases, they are more likely to spend more.

If you don’t know how to improve your website, hire a professional. It happens that small companies with limited budgets cannot always afford such expenses on, e.g., SEO optimization by obtaining high-authority backlinks or trying to get your competitors’ links to your site.

But don’t worry. We’ve got a handy checklist of good practices to make your e-commerce website more user-friendly. Make sure:

  • your website is loading fast
  • readers can scan it easily
  • the site is not cluttered with irrelevant information
  • your CTAs (call-to-action buttons) are above the fold
  • the interface is mobile-friendly
  • you stick to one color scheme
  • it works well on different browsers

With this list, it would be much easier to identify any flaws in your website.

#10 Clear CTAs to make a difference when selling

Call-to-action buttons are the element on the website that encourages customers to take action. For instance, to register, buy an item, sign up for a newsletter, or use a discount code. In addition, these buttons navigate online shoppers.

Most importantly, clear CTAs are a great way to increase product sales by helping customers understand what action they should take to make a purchase. They need to be short, actionable, and need to draw users’ attention. By providing links to product pages, checkout pages, and other website areas, ensure your website visitors know what to do next.

Tips on increasing revenue

If you want to know more about boosting product sales, here are a few tips for your sales team. Let’s take a look at them.

01 Use Smartsupp to boost product sales

Smartsupp is a cloud-based software that enables companies to keep in touch with customers via a chatbot or a live chat. Thanks to features like shortcuts or automatic messages, communicating and building relationships with visitors is a smooth process.

Many studies show that if you provide your customers with real-time shopping assistance, they are more likely to buy from you.

Smartsupp landing page

Smartsupp offers many pricing options

Moreover, Smartsupp provides four pricing packages. Both small companies, big e-commerce businesses, and even manufacturers will find something suitable. For more details, see the pricing plans.

It betters customer experience

One of the critical features of Smartsupp is that it lets you know how your customers interact with your website. Also, it is much easier to detect and fix issues using video recordings.

You can integrate with other tools in a few clicks

Whether it’s CRM systems or platforms for e-commerce customer service, Smartsupp keeps you connected with your favorite tools. Also, Google Analytics can be integrated to track critical metrics for your business. Check out if your top platforms are on the integration list.

02 Observe customer success metrics regularly

Salespeople should track customer success metrics to understand better their customer’s journey and the quality of their products. The metrics signalize when something’s wrong in the product sales process. By observing them regularly, the sales team can react and improve the product or service.

Besides customer success metrics, keep an eye on ROI (return on investment), profit margins, sales conversion rate, AOV (average order value), and customer lifetime value.

03 Reach out to your customers and offer help

You can quickly assist your customers while shopping, share product knowledge with them, and reach out to them before they want to contact you.

How? Using Smartsupp.

Thanks to an intuitive dashboard, you can see who is browsing your website and how they navigate it. In case of any potential problem, send a visitor a message and let them know that you’re ready to help anytime. Willingness to help will make you more credible, which may contribute to increased product sales.

04 Make sure foreign customers can reach you out as well

Setting up a multi-language chatbot is a great solution to enhance your product sales strategy. The lack of ability to assist your foreign customers means you lose many selling opportunities. So, if you do not want to stay behind, maybe you should consider Smartsupp services. It is very straightforward to set up and can be done in just four steps. It will pay off in the long run.

05 Research your competitors

The e-commerce industry is dynamic. That’s why you should keep an eye on your competitors and check on them frequently. It helps companies to know the market, their competitors’ strengths, and weaknesses, and what they are missing. After the research, you may get valuable insights into improving your services and offering customers something they can’t get from your competitors.

06 Be active on social media

Social media is a powerful tool for gathering an audience and spreading brand awareness. Businesses may also use it to qualify leads, drive revenue, and sell various products. However, it might be challenging without an enhanced relationship with your customers. And social media channels are there to help. They make it possible to connect with followers and customers on a personal level and foster relationships.

Maximize product sales with Smartsupp

Smartsupp will definitely be a good fit for your business or your sales team. It is because taking care of a customer is an integral part of any sales strategy and efforts. And Smartsupp is equipped with powerful tools for doing that.

Sign up for Smartsupp’s free trial and boost product sales! With its many features and capabilities, your company will thrive.