How Does Chat Transcript Help Customer Service? Everything You Need to Know

How Does Chat Transcript Help Customer Service? Everything You Need to Know

Discover how chat transcripts may improve your customer service and bring higher customer satisfaction. Get insights into how businesses use chat transcripts and how to make them work for you. Scroll for more details.

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Let’s put on your sale rep’s shoes for a moment.

You’re chatting with a customer about an issue with their order. You try to be friendly and supportive and carefully read the feedback from the client about their experience. Finally, you feel relieved that you resolved the problem successfully. But then, just as quickly as it started, the chat is over. You’re left wondering, “Wait, what was their feedback about the payment issues?”

Nobody would like to find themselves in this situation, wouldn’t they?

But there’s an easy fix for this - a chat transcript. Let’s take a look at what it actually is.

What is a chat transcript?

A chat transcript is a record of your conversations on live chat, chatbots, or others. It includes all messages, emojis, and shared files, and it’s a valuable source of information for sales agents. They have access to the true mine of customers’ insights. For example, their needs, requests, likings, and complaints.

And the transcripts may bring you a whole bunch of benefits! Want to know how chat transcripts improve customer service? Let’s get started.

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Why are transcripts important? Benefits

If you’ve been overlooking the potential of chat transcripts, it’s high time to stop doing this. And here is why. 👇🏻

#1 Improved customer service

Being a sales rep is tough. You’re expected to be a mind reader, coach, and product expert at once. And learning all of this would be impossible without an old but gold learning from one’s mistake.

And chat transcripts do the trick if you’re a live chat agent. You can analyze past chats with customers and learn more about their concerns and preferences. It’s like having a digital time machine that lets you go back in time and read your customers’ minds.

If you go back and look at previous chats, you’ll know what you can do better next time. ✨

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#2 Faster resolution of customer issues

When you can look at your chats and all the details, try to analyze how you resolved the issue. Identify the root cause of concern and request and provide a speedy resolution next time.

Draw conclusions and think about what you can do in the future to make it more time-effective.

But before you get your sleeves up, save all chat transcripts in an organized and easily searchable manner. For instance, Smartsupp lets you categorize the chats by tags. It provides quick access to past chats and makes the chat order crystal clear.

#3 Better personalization of service

Personalization is the secret sauce of successful customer service. And what’s great about the chat transcripts is that they might assist you in providing one.

Don’t hesitate to use the information from recorded chats to tailor your approach to each customer. If a customer has expressed interest in a particular product or service, highlight this fact in future interactions. Your prospects will appreciate it.

Moreover, use the customer’s name and refer to past chats to show that you remember them and care about their specific needs. All of those tips are a surefire way to enhance customer connection and relationship.

No time to waste. Let personalized customer service be your superpower!

#4 Enhanced analyses of customer behavior and insights

Thanks to analyzing virtual interactions with customers, you may catch similar behavior patterns and adjust your answers accordingly. For example, it happens that a chat participant is angry, and it’s necessary for agents to know how to react. Above all, don’t forget about a word of apology.

Open the chat history and see what worked best to change them into a satisfied customer and convert. Did the refund help, or maybe the discount for the next purchases? All might be checked when chat transcripts are right in front of you.

On top of that, with tools like Smartsupp, you can easily view customer details such as who is active, visitors’ location, where they come from, and more.

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#5 Deep understanding of visitor’s needs

It may take some time to understand the users fully. However, with a chat transcript, it will be a bit quicker and more efficient. Open the chat and examine the language and tone used during a conversation. Check if the answers you provided were professional, helpful, and polite.

Moreover, reps are able to identify common issues, frequently asked questions, and areas where customers may be dissatisfied by analyzing these transcripts. Use this information to:

  • create better customer experiences
  • tailor sales pitches to individual needs
  • even develop new products or services that better meet customer demands

This is just a glimpse of how the chat transcript may support you.

When you open a chat window to answer your customer’s request, you should keep in mind that every conversation is an opportunity. You can recommend some great services, guide customers through the payment process, and help them to find the best birthday gift. These are all chances to offer excellent customer experiences and, at the same time, increase sales.

On top of that, keep your eyes open - by going through the transcripts (and other sources), you can catch what sells best and use this information for your marketing efforts. It’s just having the proof right in front of you.

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Best practices for chat transcript management

When chatting with customers daily, it’s easy to get lost in all those great conversations. But there’s a solution for that - transcript management!

01 Categorize chat transcripts

Make agents’ life less stressful and get the chat transcripts categorized. In the event of reviewing them to improve, it’s much smoother when the transcripts are sorted out.

Smartsupp will help not only with getting chat transcripts but also with organizing your chats. They are divided into Opened and Resolved.

If you find a chat session resolved, just click the button. It’s in the top right corner. Here are more instructions about how to use tags and labels.

💡 Thanks to analytics features, you can see how many missed chats there are.

02 Use tags and labels when searching for a chat session

Imagine searching for this one chat conversation or specified email without any categorization or system of sorting. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, isn’t it? Labels and tags come in handy, then.

At Smartsupp, you create as many tags as you need. To tag a chat, do it directly in the conversation. You’ll find them in the header of each chat. After that, click the Add tag button, choose a tag you want, or add a new one. As simple as that!

How agents can save and display a created chat tag

03 Analyze live chat transcripts

By taking a moment to analyze a chat transcript, you can better prepare for forthcoming inquiries more effectively by supplementing new shortcuts or modifying your chatbot’s FAQ.

So, make evaluating them a part of your support strategy. A chat session analysis gives businesses valuable feedback on customer service performance. And when customer support is continually improved, making data-driven decisions is less time-consuming.

💡Did you know that with Smartsupp, it is possible to contact a website user proactively? You can set up a chatbot that will automatically send a welcome message.

It’s like saying hello to the customers after they enter a brick-and-mortar store - the basics of good manners. Make sure they’ll receive a warm greeting after visiting your website too.

04 Export conversations if necessary

If you need it, feel free to export the chat conversation to CRM, helpdesk, or other systems. All can be found in account settings and the admin dashboard. It’s also possible to send messages to your email address so that you can have them in your inbox anytime. You can download it in a PDF file or XML as well.

Use API if you prefer it that way. Smatsupp sends raw data to your server that you can later process using your script.

05 Improve chatbot performance

OK, when you have your chat transcripts sorted out, now, it’s crucial to make reviewing them a habit. It will enable you to see what you’re doing great and what tactics work, what do not, and what need some tweaks.

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Get most of your chat transcripts with Smartsupp

Join Smartsupp, get in touch with website users (and not only), and upskill your customer service with a chat transcript. Send it effortlessly to your server or CRM if preferred. With our tips and tricks, you now know what to do.

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