Utilizing Chatbot Apps for Streamlined Lead Generation

Utilizing Chatbot Apps for Streamlined Lead Generation

Are you constantly searching for the best lead-generation strategies? We’ve got a solution that you might find interesting. Read about using chatbot apps for capturing leads.

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Are you constantly on the lookout for that ultimate lead-generation strategy? Does the search for the holy grail of lead generation keep you awake at night? We’ve got a solution that you might find interesting. 

Chatbot apps are revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their potential customers and generate leads. And if you haven’t heard of it before, or you want to dig deeper into the topic,  let’s get started.  

But first – the basics. 

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are basically computer programs that you can chat with. They’re designed to simulate human-like conversations. 

Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), they can understand what you’re saying or typing. And they can give you a logical answer. 

chatbot builder

But not all chatbots use artificial intelligence and advanced technology. For example, menu/button-based chatbots don’t. They provide you with a set of options or buttons to choose from instead of relying on open-ended conversations. 

So, you may ask..

What are the types of chatbot apps?

  • AI-powered chatbots
  • menu/button-based chatbots
  • social media chatbots
  • voice-based chatbots
  • hybrid-chatbots

just to name a few.

Evolution of chatbot applications

Did you know that the first chatbot, named ELIZA, was launched in 1966? It was the first simulation of human-machine conversation. And after ELIZA inspired many IT professionals to create similar applications. The apps were getting better, one after another. 

In 2001, a revolutionary chatbot was created. It could retrieve information from databases and worked as an assistant that helped with practical daily tasks such as checking the weather, sports scores, etc.

Creating voice assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google, or Alexa was the next major advancement. They recognize voice commands and can perform them. 

In 2016 artificial intelligence evolved rapidly, which was a step forward for IT. AI changed how people communicate with businesses via chatbots.

ChatGPT and chatbots – what’s all the fuss about?

Chat GPT is a tool driven by AI. Thanks to natural language processing, it’s possible to have a human-like conversation. You write a prompt, and the chat answers as a human would.

using chatgpt

💡 Did you know that you can create your chatbot with ChatGPT if you’re up to it? GPT-3 is a free version, currently available for everyone. There’s also GPT-4 version, but it’s paid.

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The role of AI in chatbots 

Artificial intelligence chatbots learn on the fly by chatting with people. It understands commands, provides information a user asks for or conducts simple calculations. It can even book an appointment for you.  

Artificial Intelligence truly changed how chatbots work. Its role is huge.

This technology is the brain behind chatbots’ ability to understand and respond to users’ messages. AI-powered chatbot process and interpret the words and picks up on the meaning and context. Then, an AI chatbot can sound more human and less robotic, and users feel that conversations are natural and engaging.

AI is also a great option for businesses, and it changed the way companies operate. For example, it might be used to generate qualified leads.

Chatbots in lead generation 

Chatbots are a solution for businesses that want to automate some of their tasks. For example, sales and marketing-related ones. And lead generation as well. Learn how it works. 👇🏻

01 Instant engagement

Chatbots are lightning-fast at starting conversations with potential leads. They grab attention right away, sending an automatic message and keeping visitors hooked on what you have to offer. Prospects don’t need to wait for a response.

02 Availability around the clock

Whether it’s day or night, they’re always on duty, ready to chat with prospects. Companies don’t miss out on opportunities just because it’s after business hours. Chatbots are there, tackling most of the things for you.

03 Personalized recommendations

With AI companion, a chatbot can analyze data and provide tailored recommendations to potential leads. It can suggest products, services, or resources based on the individual’s specific preferences. It’s like having a personal shopper who knows exactly what you want.

04 Lead nurturing

Chatbots are great at helping build relationships with leads over time. They can send automated follow-up messages, share relevant content, and keep leads interested throughout the customer journey. If you’re about to nurture connections and turn them into loyal customers, chatbots are here to support you.

05 Data collection 

You can track interactions, preferences, and behavior patterns when using a chatbot. This data is super helpful in gaining insights into your audience, optimizing your marketing strategies, and making smarter business decisions. It’s a treasure trove of information, isn’t it?

Case studies of effective chatbot use

Check out how chatbots helped businesses. They all have something in common – Smartsupp chatbots.

Dokonalá Káva

At Dokonalá Káva, we couldn’t be happier with the results we achieved using Smartsupp. Our customers who engaged in conversations via chat experienced an incredible 379% higher conversion rate compared to those who didn’t. 


The chatbot optimized the workload of their 7 agents and reduced costs for the company. ** ** What’s more**, a chatbot decreased the number of repetitive questions by 50%.** Breno also cut the hiring costs because of implementing a chatbot that worked after regular office hours.


Smartsupp mobile app fully replaces the desktop version and makes our job easier. At Unuo, chatbot solves 40% of communication with clients.

Tips for lead generation with chatbot apps

Want to master lead generation using a chatbot app? Check out the tips!

#1 Use Smartsupp – best chatbot application

Before applying the other tips, choose reliable chatbot software. It is the first step that takes you closer to successful communication with prospects. It would be hard to chat effectively with potential customers when the chatbot is glitching, unintuitive, and doubt-provoking, right? 

Use Smartsupp, then! It’s an excellent chatbot app that provides a seamless customer experience. And here is why:

➡️ Smartsupp is easy to implement, and it may take only minutes to create and implement a chatbot on your website. No coding required.

➡️ It’s an effective solution for e-commerce and customer service. You can create your chatbot in a way that it can answer frequently asked questions.

➡️ User-friendliness is Smartsupp’s priority. Its chatbot box is customizable, and users can also adjust it as they wish. 

➡️ You can implement live chat as well. If you want to deliver a live-time experience to your customers at Smartsupp, it’s also possible.

➡️ It’s cost-effective. Pay $19.5 per month and design as many chatbots as you want. No limits here. As long as all you need is a live chat solution, it’s completely free, then.

➡️ Looking for an AI chat bot that you can rely on? Join the waitlist and get access to Smartsupp’s AI friend right away after it’s launched.

Smartsupp chatbot app

Any questions? Check out +20 questions and answers on chatbot support and how to choose the best chatbot app.

#2 Create an attention-grabbing welcome message

An attention-grabbing welcome message might be a trigger for a potential customer to start a conversation with a chatbot. It’s like making a good first impression. And you can’t make a first impression twice, right? 

You can set up automatic welcome messages like these:

01 Welcome! Ready to experience the future of customer support? Chat with our smart bot and get lightning-fast assistance.

02 Hey there! Looking for quick answers and expert advice? Let’s chat and make magic happen!

03 Hi! Sign in to our newsletter and get a -20% discount for your first purchase.

04 Hello! Need help, advice, or a virtual high-five? Our chatbot is here to make your day extraordinary. 

Feel free to use one as a template.

#3 Provide personalized assistance

Are you running an e-shop? Use a chat builder to create a chatbot assistant that helps your customers in their shopping experience. A chatbot can filter the results, giving relevant suggestions. You’ll see what your prospects are looking for and detect trends among your website visitors.

#4 Make your purpose clear 

No matter what data you are about to collect, have a clear goal ahead of you. It may help you to create an effective chatbot. If you keep your focus on your intended purpose, for example, newsletter sign-ups, it’s easier to design a chatbot conversation flow that guides or suggests users toward subscribing to your newsletter.

#5 Offer assistance instantly

When using an effective chatbot app, you can send automatic messages under desired conditions. A confused prospect might spend some time on your website being inactive when they don’t know what to do next. In this case, sending a short message like “Hi! Seems like you need some help. I’m here to help you out” would encourage them to interact with your chatbot.

#6 Optimize CTAs

Call-to-action buttons might seem like a small detail, but it’s worth leveling them up. They’re little guidelines that encourage visitors to take the next step. And when they’re clear and persuasive, they might motivate visitors to, for example, provide feedback, join the newsletter, or start a free trial.

Here’s how to optimize some of the CTA buttons:

🔴 Click here 🟢Discover great deals

🔴 Sign in 🟢 Start your journey today!

🔴 Buy now 🟢 Shop now and save 30%

 #7 Take a step back and analyze

If you want to improve your services constantly, it’s worth taking a step back and analyzing your chatbot conversation history. At Smartsupp, after each interaction, you can ask prospects how they rate their chatbot experience. 

A challenge in lead generation and how to overcome it 

Chatbots are great supporters in everyday, mundane tasks. Businesses can save plenty of time and resources with it. However, this smart solution requires human involvement at some point. None of the bots will ever replace a human conversation. But there’s a solution – a live chat

It’s a superb option for businesses that want to combine real-time conversation through the chat window and human interaction. 

The future of chatbots in lead generation

Check out if you’re interested in lead generation predictions.

🧍Enhanced personalization

It is very probable that chatbots will provide more personalized experiences than they do today. With their capabilities of analyzing data, chatbot technology may make targeted lead-generation strategies more productive.

🖥️ Multi-channel integration

Many chatbot platforms integrate with many channels today –  websites, social media platforms, messaging apps (like Facebook messenger), voice assistants, and more. 

However, it might develop in the future. Since there’s a focus on customer approach in business, it’s very probable that many companies will look for more powerful ways to reach and engage potential leads through their favorite communication channels.

⬆️ Conversational AI

Chatbots are becoming more and more conversational every day. And it seems like they won’t stop learning how to conversate. Natural language understanding and generation capabilities are continually improving. It may enable chatbots to hold more complex and context-aware conversations with users.

best AI chatbot

Recommendations for businesses to stay ahead in the evolving chatbot industry

#1 Stay updated 

It would be great to implement the newest solution, would it? So, you need to keep an eye on ever-changing trends and updates in the technological world. There is a good chance that your competitors also want to stay updated. Make it your mission to implement the newest solution first to stay ahead of the rest.

#2 Improve continuously 

Evaluate the performance of your chatbot and collect user feedback. Use this information to optimize your chatbot’s capabilities and ensure it remains effective in lead-generation efforts.

#3 Pay attention to data security

As chatbots handle sensitive user information, prioritize data security and compliance with privacy regulations. Invest in robust security measures or a chatbot platform to protect user data and establish transparent data handling practices and build trust with potential leads.

#4 Change your design to a user-centric one

A user-centric design equals better customer experience, and it may lead to increased conversions. When you choose a chatbot that is user-friendly and prospects like using it, there are higher chances that they’ll want to continue using your services. On top of that, you show that you care about their preferences and needs, so they might want to come back to you. 

Generate leads with chatbot apps today!

Chatbots might be a super effective tool in lead generation. But to make it work, you need to choose the right chatbot platform and design it in a user-friendly way. 

Smartsupp is one of the best chatbot you can choose! No time to waste. Get a free trial and generate more leads.

Frequently asked questions: Chatbot apps for lead generation

What are the benefits of using chatbot apps for lead generation?

Chatbot apps for lead generation, like the best AI chatbots, use advanced AI technology, such as OpenAI’s GPT-3, to provide human-like responses and engage in natural conversations with users. These AI-powered chatbots can help businesses of all sizes automate tasks, generate human-like responses, and collect contact details and conversation history, making them a perfect AI assistant for better business outcomes.

How can AI chatbots help in lead generation?

AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT, are designed to have conversational interactions with users. They can assist sales and customer success teams by automating tasks like appointment booking and lead qualification. These advanced AI chatbots can engage users, generate personalized responses, and help businesses automate processes to save time and improve customer satisfaction.

What types of chatbots are available for lead generation?

There are three types of chatbots commonly used for lead generation. Rule-based chatbots follow predefined rules and offer scripted responses. AI-powered chatbots, like ChatGPT, use language models to provide more natural and dynamic conversations. There are also AI-assisted chatbots that combine rule-based logic with AI technology to offer a balance between automation and real-time interactions.