Chatbot Automation: a Brief Guide

Chatbot Automation: a Brief Guide

Feeling swamped with customer service tasks and not sure where to begin? Chatbot automation might just be what you're looking for. Here it is – a quick guide that will show you how a chatbot can streamline your work, save you time, and keep your customers coming back. But let’s start with the basics first.

Genuinely connect with your visitors
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How do chatbot automation tools work?

Let’s say there’s a customer with a burning question. They visit your website, and within seconds, a friendly chat window pops up, ready to assist.

Businesses don’t need a lot of technical expertise to use chatbots. They fit right into what we call an omnichannel marketing model and help customers across different platforms like websites, apps, and social media.

Chatbots can also instantly respond to customer queries, and eliminates wait times and frustration. No more holding on the phone or searching endless FAQs. Customers get the information they need, fast.

How can chatbots do that?

Suggesting the right products

Ever felt overwhelmed browsing an online store with countless options? Chatbots can resolve this problem. How does it work?

  • They analyze customer data to suggest products they’ll be interested in. Accurate product suggestions without human intervention.
  • Chatbots keep track of what customers like and offer options that seem highly customized.
  • It also cuts down on the time you spend searching through items that don’t catch buyers’ interest.

Handling routine customer service tasks

What exactly does this mean for you? It may include:

  • greeting customers and sending them messages when they need help the most,
  • giving information about the order,
  • collecting leads,
  • guiding customers on the product catalog.

That’s a lot! And there’s no need to involve any agent for this range of tasks.

Chatbots also provide real-time updates on orders. As customers buy something, chatbots send them updates when they ask. Everyone knows where their order is and when it might reach the buyers.

Guiding customers through the sales process

Chatbots serve as skilled guides for customers through the sales process, identifying sales opportunities at every step.

They provide an option for self-service – lets customers explore products independently while still having access to timely guidance and support.

When implementing automated workflows, chatbots can handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously. They provide detailed product information, help with checkout procedures, and more.

Generating and qualifying leads continuously

As soon as someone shows interest in a product or service, the automated chatbot jumps into action.

  • It starts by asking the right questions.
  • Then it figures out if the person might really want to buy something.
  • The software also collect the valuable data.

On top of that, this type of communication keeps customer engagement high because it makes people feel heard and understood from the start.

Smartsupp for maximum automation

Chatbots, live chat, and tools powered by artificial intelligence - these are Smartsupp’s offerings for those who want to provide customer support on a high level and to make it automated.

Chatbot answers all the repetitive questions for you

Try it if you want to gain all the benefits from the above. Its superpowers are…

Smartsupp uses AI to speed up automation

Smartsupp uses AI to make things faster and handle multiple tasks at once. Get user queries answered quickly and manage customer interactions without slowing down, with:

A) Mira AI – AI shopping assistant

It’s an AI chatbot for even better customer support. With its multilingual capabilities, it speaks multiple languages, mimicking a human agent.

  • AI Mira automates responses to frequent, specific inquiries.
  • You can train this chatbot by letting it crawl through your website and uploading data.
  • It’s as if you hired a knowledgeable agent that works 24/7 and never gets tired.

AI shopping assistant who is focused on sports

B) Reply Assistant

Not a chatbot per se, but a great help for sales reps answering via live chat. It boosts customer communications and automates some writing tasks.

  • Reply Assistant maintains your brand’s tone in responses and lets you keep marketing consistency, no matter what channels you use.
  • It corrects typos and adjusts the details in replies for clarity.
  • Reply Assistant helps tailor text to be more friendly or professional.

Ready to see what conversational AI chatbot can do for you?

Sign up for Smartsupp’s free trial! You can also join the Smartsupp Mira waitlist and find out how you can transform your customer communication.

Smartsupp’s chatbots reach out to visitors on the conditions you set

They greet visitors as soon as they land on your site and are ready to show them products based on how they interact with your page.

But not only that. You can set the conditions under which a chatbot will contact prospects. This smart use of chatbot technology makes shopping more engaging.

Plus, Smartsupp is GDPR-compliant, so all the details visitors share via a live chat or chatbot are safe. Data security is a big deal here, so you can trust that your information is protected while you browse and shop.

Smartsupp’s chatbots also offer:

  • Templates to streamline setup and operation
    Chatbots send customized messages to visitors, whenever you want them to. The messages fit what each visitor likes or needs, based on their actions on the site.

    With templates, businesses can focus more on what they do best while the chatbots handle tasks like greeting customers, advising on products, and answering their questions.
  • Reducing peak time pressure and costs
    The chatbots can answer most customer questions, which greatly eases the load during busy times. Thanks to chatbot automation, you don’t have to worry about your team getting overwhelmed when lots of people need help.

    With chatbot automation, Smartsupp manages many tasks that normally need people to handle. You don’t need as many staff members to answer the common questions from website visitors.
  • Using customer data to enhance sales strategies
    Smartsupp gives you valuable insights into your target audience and the trends. You see what people ask about the most. For example, if you run an e-shop, you can offer 1+1 deals for certain products. Your chatbot can communicate the deal as soon as a prospect adds a product to the cart.

    Do you struggle with cart abandonment? Read: Reduce Cart Abandonment with Chatbot: How-To.

How to choose a perfect chatbot?

The tool you choose may determine how advanced the automation will be. That’s why you need to consider your options carefully.

Use our tips!

#1 Decide what you need the chatbot for

🤔 Why?

Knowing your goals helps you choose a chatbot that fits your business. If you need it to handle customer service, you’ll look for different features than if you want one for sales.

#2 Make sure it works with your systems

🤔 Why?

A chatbot must connect with your existing software to be effective. If it doesn’t, you could face technical issues that disrupt your operations. Compatibility saves you from headaches and extra costs later.

#3 Choose a chatbot you can customize

🤔 Why?

Flexibility makes a chatbot more useful. You can set it up to talk in your brand’s voice or follow workflows that make sense for your operations.

#4 Look for one with good analytics

🤔 Why?

Analytics help you understand how well your chatbot is performing. They show you what’s working and what’s not, so you can make changes to improve interactions

#5 Check if it can grow with your business

🤔 Why?

Your goals may change as your business grows. A scalable chatbot can handle increased demand and complexity without needing a replacement.

#6 Ensure it has strong support and service

🤔 Why?

Good customer support for your chatbot means less downtime and more reliability. If something goes wrong, you need quick help to keep everything up and running.

#7 Check its data security and ability to support multiple languages

🤔 Why?

Strong data security protects your customers’ information, which is necessary for trust and compliance. Multilanguage support let you serve customers from different parts of the world. Your services are then accessible to more people.

#8 Test the chatbot before using it fully

🤔 Why?

Testing helps you catch issues before they affect your customers. It gives you a chance to see if the chatbot meets your expectations and works as promised in real scenarios.

#9 Compare prices to find a good deal

🤔 Why?

Chatbots come with various pricing, so take some time to find one that fits your budget. Comparing prices may give you better return on your investment.

Chatbot automation: use cases

Check out how other businesses take advantage of chatbot automation. Some numbers are truly impressive.

AAA Auto ** ** increased interactions between agents and prospects by 10% in the Czech Republic. The company also gets about 7,200 new email contacts each month because of using Smartsupp’s chatbot.

Dokonalá Káva’s chatbot helped double the average order value from chats that didn’t need an agent, and let agents focus on tougher customer questions. Customers keep returning, enjoying the support they get, whether from chatbots or live agents.

KetoDiet’s chatbot handles 35% of customer questions, working like a part-time agent. This helps the business respond faster and manage queries efficiently.

Smartsupp’s chatbot at ASKO - NÁBYTEK solves half of the customer questions on its own. It also collects 600 new email contacts every month.

All the companies rely on Smartsupp. 💪🏻


Want to upgrade your customer service without the extra hassle?

Chatbots are your go-to solution. They quickly handle queries, track orders, and even recommend products. Imagine fewer complaints and more satisfied customers, all with less effort from you.

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