22 Lessons to Learn from Customer Service Teams

22 Lessons to Learn from Customer Service Teams

Do you want your customer service team to be the best they can be? Check out these 22 lessons learned from the best of the best and implement them in your own customer support team.

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Are you a new customer service team leader and want to learn from the best to know what customers expect and how to navigate it? Good to have you here! Based on the experiences of the best customer service teams in the world, we compiled 22 lessons to keep in mind.

Here are some great tips for your team, along with customer service strategies from some of the world’s leading companies. You’ll also learn about the right tools you can use.

But first, let us clarify a few things…

What is the role of the customer service team?

Customer service is the support customers get from the company throughout the entire customer journey — meaning during the buying and using of your products or services.

Good customer service is essential to succeed in any business because it helps to create happy, loyal customers who are more likely to return in the future and recommend your company to others. Teams get all the tools nowadays to provide bespoke support, and each team member can have their own responsibilities defined. It’s important that teams are able to prioritize tasks to ensure customer satisfaction. No matter if you’re one of small businesses, huge corporations, or just trying to navigate what your Facebook users expect – your CS team will play a huge role here.

The best customer service teams: What can you learn from them?

Both big and small businesses need a customer service team leader. They are responsible for ensuring clients are satisfied and have a positive product and service experience.

In addition, leaders care about a friendly atmosphere and fostering teamwork. It can be challenging to develop a customer service team structure, but it is very rewarding in the long run for getting new customers and appealing to your existing customers too.

If you want to bring client service in your company to the next level, learn from the best!

Lesson 1: Make it easy for customers to find solutions themselves

Take a look at Amazon customer service.

How does Amazon provide customer support?

Amazon customer service provides the Amazon Assistance app. It is a free suite of software applications for browsers and operating systems created to help look for the best prices and products. Google Chrome users can easily install Amazon assistance.

In the Contact tab, website visitors can find details about orders, returns and refunds, payment settings, and carrier Info. On the same page, they can manage their Amazon Prime (cancel or view benefits) subscription.

The Help tab works as a knowledge base and provides information about delivery, membership, accessibility, Kindle, and more. It works as a FAQ, but if shoppers have specific inquiries, they can type a keyword and find a solution in the help library. This way, Amazon definitely decreases the number of direct calls to their help desk software since such a base is a solid foundation for better customer expectations management.

amazon customer service

A good practice

They gather feedback by a quick yes-no poll, which gives an excellent overview of the provided customer care solution — a practical option for future service quality evaluation, or email marketing usage. 

In a nutshell

Amazon makes it easy to look for help customers themselves, thanks to many self-help options such as help library and Amazon Assistance.

Lesson 2: Place the help tab at the top of your webpage, so it’s quick to find

Check out the customer service at Western Union.

How does Western Union provide customer support?

Western Union provides the Help tab in a central part of their website, so it’s easy to find. Then, there’s a FAQ section.

They have divided FAQs into subsections such as sending money online, sending money in person, registration, customer protections, etc. Thanks to these categories, it’s easy to navigate.

western union customer service

A good practice

Customize your customer service to make it even more efficient.

In a nutshell

Western Union built a very detailed FAQ section divided into specific topics, so everyone can find the answers they’re looking for.

Lesson 3: Chatbot as a way of running an extra mile for your customers

Check out Shein’s customer service.

How does Shein provide customer support?

Shein placed all the necessary information about customer service in the Help & Support and in Customer Care sections. Also, there are shipping info, a size guide, contact detail, and more.

If customers want to reach out for assistance, they can find a chatbot and FAQ subpage.chatbot is an excellent way of assisting with minimal effort, saves time, and makes customers satisfied.

shein customer service

A good practice

For the best customers care,implement the Smarstupp chatbot with a few clicks!

In a nutshell

Shein provides many ways of support, for example, chatbot, FAQ section, and complex help & support subpage with all the accurate information.

Lesson 4: Simple design can help your customers to find all the necessary information immediately

See Zara’s customer service team in action.

How does Zara provide customer support?

Sometimes the most straightforward solutions are the best. And definitely, Zara decided to make their Contact Page quite basic but very elegant at the same time. There you can find everything you need to reach them for technical support or help in general — chat, phone number, and social media accounts.

zara customer service

Also, the Help subpage has ten tabs with essential aspects shoppers ask about. For example, exchanges and returns, gift cards, payments, and more. Again, the design is very simple and clear to go through.

zara customer support

A good practice

It’s helpful to include office hours if you give the phone number to know when a customer service representative is available.

In a nutshell

Zara offers a very minimalist design, making the page easy to navigate and clear.

Lesson 5: Provide a personalized service with Smartsupp live chat!

See how Time to Love provides a great customer experience.

How does Time to Love provide customer support?

Live chat is a very effective way to communicate with customer service representatives in real-time. Time to Love uses it as one of the customer service tools. It means that web visitors don’t have to wait for phone calls for an hour or more, as in the case of phone assistance or call center services, and they get their questions answered right away.

time to love customer service

A good practice

Add some personal information of a support agent to a chat window.

In a nutshell

Providing real-time support would make you stand out from the competitors, and it’s a way of building a relationship with current and potential customers.Sign up for free to implement a live chat on your website!

Here is the article to learn more about why service chat plays a crucial role in a customer support team if you’re interested.

Lesson 6: Make it easy for your customers to contact you

See how Emirate’s customer service works.

How does Emirates provide customer support?

The first thing web visitors see in the Help and Contact tab is a search bar where they can type their query. It allows them to find what they need quickly or use available resources such as webinars.

Under the search bar, there are categories, which is also a good solution. Visitors simply click on the category they want to find out more about and see all the topic details.

emirates customer support

Emirates provides live chat, FAQ, and phone customer service during office hours.

A good practice

Let clients express their opinions by embedding a feedback and complaint form on your website. This practice hints at what to improve to deliver the best customer experience.

In a nutshell

Emirates provides many different customer service tools so everyone can find a communication channel they like using the most.

Lesson 7: A friendly and cheerful attitude as a part of a customer service strategy

Check out Bath & Body Works’ customer service.

How does Bath & Body Works provide customer support?

Customers can head to the Customer Care tab for all retail operations details about order tracking, shipping, returns, and exchanges.

Additionally, Bath & Body Works deals with customer service using a chatbot. So even when there aren’t any support agents available, you can still set up your bot to be cheerful and friendly.

A good practice

While writing the possible answers for your chatbot program, ensure that the tone of voice is coherent with your brand philosophy. These chatbots use product recognition to align available backend products with what product categories are offered in the chatbot.

In a nutshell

Bath & Body Works takes care of website visitors and buyers using a chatbot and a well-organized subpage with all the essential contact details.

Lesson 8: The best support team is always timely and responds quickly to customer service inquiry

Lufthansa’s customer service is worth checking out.

How does Lufthansa provide customer support?

On the top of Lufthansa’s website, there’s a link to the subpage with essential tips for flying with this airline.

Then, in the Help and Contact section, travelers can learn about frequently searched topics to find an answer in case of any doubts.

Depending on the issue, Lufthansa provides multiple communication channels. For example, for complaints and feedback, travelers are asked to fill out the form, and customers can contact the technical support team by phone for problems with the website or app.

Also, travelers can contact customer service using chat if they need help canceling a flight, rescheduling, or getting a refund. The best thing about implementing a chat is the ability to answer customer questions immediately.

lufthansa customer support

A good practice

Be polite and respectful when interacting with customers.

In a nutshell

To increase customer satisfaction rate, Lufthansa provides: chat, FAQ section, phone service support, and forms embedded on their website.

Lesson 9: Personalized assistance would help you go the extra mile for your customers

Let’s check Sephora’s customer service

How does Sephora provide customer support?

Thanks to a live chat, visitors can interact with a professional who will help them choose the right makeup, skincare, hair, and fragrance products based on their individual needs. It is a great way to get personalized guidance and ensure customers get the most out of Sephora beauty products and the customer support team.

In the Customer Service section, there is much information about when Beauty Advisors are available and phone numbers if customers prefer to call to get help. Also, this section contains much valuable information about shopping on Sephora.com, orders and return account help, and more. They also create online quiz templates to better the experience for their clients.

Before getting in touch with customer service via phone or a live chat, online shoppers can look through FAQs.

sephora customer support

A good practice

A professional offering personalized help in real-time might make you stand out from your competitors.

In a nutshell

Sephora offers a live chat session with a Beauty Advisor, phone number, and a very complex Customer Service section with FAQ and all necessary information.

Lesson 10: Use social media to provide excellent customer service

Here’s what Nespresso’s customer service is like.

How do they provide customer support?

Nespresso customers can send messages directly from the site. So there is no need to call or send emails when someone wants to leave feedback or ask about their coffee machine. The option of sending attachments is available as well.

nespresso customer support

Nespresso supports clients on social media. On their Instagram, coffee lovers find many delicious recipes and tips on making coffee using Nespresso capsules.

A good practice

Ensure that sending files is easy to streamline communication.

In a nutshell

Nespresso takes care of customers on social media and uses a website form to gather feedback.

Lesson 11: Be always available for your customers - both online and in-person

Take a look at Louis Vuitton’s customer service.

How does Louis Vuitton provide customer support?

To make shopping a great customer experience and provide the best assistance, shoppers can book an in-store appointment. Additionally, in case of any questions, buyers might contact the support team when having an account or look for information in the FAQ section.

louis vuitton customer support

A good practice

Ensure that your website indicates that customer service is available in your brick-and-mortar stores.

In a nutshell

Louis Vuitton enables shoppers to book personal appointments in-stores and contact with customer service team through their page.

Lesson 12: Make your website mobile-friendly

Check out Pizza Hut’s customer service

How does Pizza Hut provide customer support?

The first thing noticeable on Pizza Hut’s website is the “Order pizza online” window. So people can order pizza without figuring out how to do it. It is a very good customer service strategy.

To contact the support department, Pizza Hut customers can make a phone call or fill in the form on their website.

pizza hut customer support

A good practice

Since more than half of all shopping is done on mobile devices, consider making your website mobile-friendly.

In a nutshell

Pizza Hut takes care of customers by offering easy ordering and providing a fill-in form for contact.

Lesson 13: Display sales information clearly on your website

The customer service at Avis also deserves a closer look.

How does Avis provide customer support?

To increase customer satisfaction, Avis informs on their website about how to save money by booking a car online. Moreover, there’s a form on the website for giving feedback.

avis customer support

A good practice

When you display sales offers on your page, encourage customers to take advantage of them using the CTA phrase.

In a nutshell

Avis makes sales information very accessible and provides a feedback form, FAQ, and Contact Us subpage.

Lesson 14: Find your way to make customers happy with their purchases

Let’s take a look at Old Navy’s customer service.

How does Old Navy provide customer support?

They offer free exchanges and return to their product, which is a great move to encourage people to buy Old Navy clothes, increase customer satisfaction, and possibly retain customers.

Old Navy provides chat and a phone number to stay in touch with shoppers.

old navy customer support

A good practice

Tips or tools (for example, how to find your size) in the Customer Service tab might be helpful for customers who do the shopping in your online store.

In a nutshell

The customer support team provides easy exchanges and returns, chat, and phone support.

Lesson 15: Hire the right talent for your customer service team

Gap’s customer service is worth a look.

How does Gap provide customer support?

Besides the regular Contact tab with contact details and FAQ, Gap supports online buyers by providing many categories to help find a perfect piece of clothing faster.

To reach customer support teams, buyers can use chat or phone. Gap is a big company, so there are many great support representatives working there. For better workflow and customer support team structure, it’s important for leaders to define roles.

gap customer support

A good practice

#1 Sales are an excellent way to build your email marketing list and customer knowledge base.

#2 To strengthen relationships with your customers, consider hiring a customer success manager.

In a nutshell

Gap’s tactic for a satisfactory customer journey is to design a shopper-friendly website.

Lesson 16: Take special care of your regular customers

See how Marriott’s customer service stacks up.

How does Marriot provide customer support?

Verified Marriott customers are able to easily change or cancel their reservation in a hotel on their website for free. However, in case of any problem, they can always reach a customer service team by calling them or filling in a contact form. Plus, for customer retention, Marriott offers a loyalty program.

A good practice

Use your social media account to promote your business and answer customer inquiries.

marriott customer support

In a nutshell

Marriott customer service managers take special care of Marriot loyalty program members. Travelers can reach their support team via contact form and phone.

Lesson 17: Say thank you for the customer’s time after they leave you a message or feedback

See how Royal Caribbean’s customer service team works.

How does Royal Caribbean provide customer support?

For quick access to the most relevant information, Royal Caribbean comes up with an app so travelers are able to view important details or check in for a cruise on the go. When customers want to talk to a customer service manager, phone numbers are in the Contact Us tab. There’s also a contact form.

Friendly reminder: thank website visitors for reaching you out.

royal caribbean customer support

A good practice

Hiring more customer success managers may be a good idea to enhance customer loyalty and develop long-term relationships with clients.

In a nutshell

Royal Caribbean’s support department cares about customers via phone and helps with cruises issues by answering form questions.

Lesson 18: Offer multichannel customer service

Find out more about Nintendo’s customer service

How does Nintendo provide customer support?

Nintendo team publishes helpful articles on their site to educate and help gamers.

If clients want to contact a customer service team, they can:

  • chat with a customer service representative
  • send a text message to support agents
  • phone service team
  • send help ticket (client can send social media messages if they prefer to)

A good practice

#1 Update your clients with order or repair status to save time (yours and your customers).

#2 Implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system to track customer interactions across different platforms. If you haven’t used a small business CRM, it may be a huge difference for you.

nintendo customer service

In a nutshell

Nintendo is open to customer questions through multiple communication channels.

Lesson 19: Motivate your customer service team to respond quickly to messages

Let’s check Domino’s customer service.

How does Domino’s provide customer support?

The company makes it easy to contact them through their website and social media accounts. It’s not only about leveraging it to increase sales on WhatsApp. For example, Facebook users can order pizza with a few clicks without leaving the app.

Sending feedback is possible as well using Facebook.

dominos pizza customer support

A good practice

While resolving complaints, ensure you listen carefully to unhappy customers and keep your promises.

In a nutshell

Domino’s support team deals with clients on the website and takes good care of customers via social media.

Lesson 20: Provide professional and tailored service for customer retention

Take a look at Honda customer service.

How does Honda provide customer support?

Professional service is essential when buying a car. On Honda’s website, there’s an in-depth knowledge base regarding buying a car, choosing a dealer, finalizing paperwork, and many more aspects.

Also, in terms of any questions or doubts, Honda’s customer service representatives are ready to help!

honda customer service

A good practice

Get to know your target audience in depth and use your social accounts to stay in touch with them constantly. Remember about the accurate tone of voice that suits your brand.

In a nutshell

Honda uses various channels to support their customers. These include online chat, phone support, and email support. In addition, Honda has a detailed FAQ section on the website that can help answer common questions.

Lesson 21: Enclose a short feedback survey to make sure you provide a satisfactory customer experience

Let’s check Banana Republic customer service.

How does Banana Republic provide customer support?

Clients can contact the customer service team using phone, email, and chat. Moreover, they can visit one of the company’s stores to speak with a representative in person. Banana Republic provides a detailed Returns & Exchanges Items section.

A good practice

Try not to do feedback surveys long - it may be discouraging to fill them in.

banana republic customer service

In a nutshell

To get help from the customer support team, shoppers can chat or call.

Lesson 22: The customer support team should be available to everyone

See what Truist customer service has to offer.

How does Truist provide customer support?

Truist’s fantastic approach to clients should benchmark other customer service managers - ATMs and building interiors are easily accessible for people with disabilities. Moreover, they provide free assistive technology, such as a screen reader or Braille display.

A good practice

Make a list of all the facilities you offer to clients with disabilities and post it on your website.

truist customer support

In a nutshell

Thanks to many advances in technology, all Truist clients can use their great service at ease.

Build a great customer service team!

It is a good strategy to observe and emulate the excellent customer service provided by many businesses. Thanks to many communication channels, they’re ready to help anytime. To reply to each customer interaction as fast as possible, chat service is a must have for successful businesses. If you would like to implement a chat solution on your website, try Smartsupp for free!

Still, remember that taking care of your customer support team members is as important as taking care of the customers. Ensure clear internal communication and company values, and boost employee morale, so all support specialists have a friendly environment they want to work in.

Happy employees mean happy customers, so take good care of them both. Good luck!