Better User Experience Guaranteed: Meet Smartsupp Improved Live Chat Box

Better User Experience Guaranteed: Meet Smartsupp Improved Live Chat Box

Find out new features that make our live chat box shine and see how the improved functionality can boost your website's performance. A better user experience guaranteed! Check them out now

Genuinely connect with your visitors
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Faster website loading, better Lighthouse scores, and higher search engine rankings? Yes, please! Our new chat box makes all this possible. 

We’re changing for you. 

Say goodbye to the old live chat window and embrace the newest, updated one with excellent features! 

Want to see what’s new? First, let’s get an overview of the major enhancements. 

Upgraded features and functionalities

Elevate the experience with the following performance innovations.

📊 Google Analytics 4 support gets you in-depth insights into your users’ behavior, helping you optimize your interactions for better results.

💻 Want to make sure your messages are easy to read and understand? We’ve got you covered with our chat window sizing options.

🥳 Get ready to spice up your conversations with our expanded set of fun emojis, perfect for adding a personal touch to your communication.

📤Tired of struggling with file attachments? It has never been easier and more convenient for our file-sharing redesigned system.

✨ Say hello to a more user-friendly chatbot design that provides an intuitive and seamless experience on mobiles as well.

⌨️ By our updated contact form, you’ll be able to collect more leads, boosting your business’s growth.

🧍🏻With simplified chat box controls, communicate with your customers more efficiently than ever before.

Improved metrics

We all love numbers, right? Improved metrics are not just numbers, though – these are real gold when it comes to bettering your Google search performance. 

Then, see the results of Smartsupp’s Lighthouse Performance Score, Total Blocking Time, and Transferred Page Weight.

Lighthouse Performance Score (LPS)

We’ve boosted the performance from 94% to 98% - a great number, isn’t it?

This metric is very helpful when evaluating the overall performance of a website or a web app. The score rates how quickly and smoothly the site loads and interacts with the user. And it’s all improved. 

Total Blocking Time (TBT)

We’re glad to announce that TBT is now99ms*. *

Previously, it was 269ms.

TBT measures the responsiveness of a website or application. It provides the total time when the website is not responding to user inputs, such as clicking buttons or scrolling a page. 

Transferred Page Weight

It’s changed from 196kB to79kB.   

It refers to the amount of data that the chat box downloads. Your users wouldn’t want to download an extra megabyte of data just to chat, would they? Exactly! That’s why it’s still an essential indicator.

Testing was conducted under specific conditions.

Just take a look at Smartsupp’s performance compared to its competitors.

Get ready for a chat box experience like no other! Our team has been working hard to refine every aspect of our design and user experience so that you and your customers, and visitors can enjoy a sleek, modern interface that’s both intuitive and practical. 

Now, you may find communicating through live chat more comfortable and convenient than before.

But we’re not stopping there! 

We’re improving our chat box continually to make it better for you. Stay tuned for even more exciting features and updates in the future! And get ready to take your customer service to the next level with our enhanced live chat box.

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