Live Chat AI Assistant: Future and Possibilities

Live Chat AI Assistant: Future and Possibilities

Do you know this feeling that you don’t know what to start with because you’re flooded with chats, customer queries, and other work? That’s tough and not motivating at all. But!

AI assistance is invaluable when handling an overwhelming number of customer queries - it may streamline your work and even take some tasks off your plate. And to maximize its power, you need to know its possibilities. Learn more about live chat AI assistant and more!

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What is a live chat AI assistant?

A live chat AI assistant is a program powered by AI that helps agents communicate more efficiently with their interlocutors in real time.

There’s also AI assistant – this term is more general and may encompass both live chat AI assistant and also AI bot that uses AI and other technology like natural language processing or machine learning to understand and reply to what you say.

You can train both of the assistants with your data so it answers accurately and has access to the most up-to-date or specific information.

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How does AI assist live chat agents?

Live chat agents use AI technology to speed up their work. If visitors ask something simple, AI checks its huge information store to find the right answer. AI acts like virtual assistants on websites or in apps. They pop up when you have a question.

Imagine you want to know about store hours or return policies. You don’t wait for a human, because the AI gives you the answer right away. Live chat agents may focus on tougher issues where they really need to think hard and solve unique problems.

AI also tailors its answers. If you ask about your last order, AI looks up details just for you and responds in a way that fits your situation.

AI helps manage many conversations at once

There are ready-made answers prepared by AI that an agent can adjust and use to reply to basic questions. But not only.

You can use an AI bot assistant as a filter before a person contacts a live chat agent. If customers come with questions, AI quickly figures out what they need. It looks at key points in user queries and pulls up the right bot responses or directs them to a knowledgeable agent.

If many people ask, “How do I reset my password?” AI can give them all the same good answers right away.´Live chat agents don’t get stuck answering the same things over and over. Instead, they have time to tackle harder customer inquiries that the AI can’t handle on its own.

So, while the AI deals with the usual questions, the human agents can focus on problems that need a personal touch or deep thinking.

AI provides suggestions that agents can use to help customers

AI doesn’t just handle things on its own. It also helps live chat agents give better support. Some AI tools work in the background, giving agents suggestions on what to say next. This helps in two big ways.

  1. Once a customer asks something tricky, AI quickly looks through lots of data to find the best answer. It then suggests this answer to the agent. An agent can give accurate and helpful information without delay, which boosts the customer experience.
  2. This setup ensures that responses fit what the customer needs personally. AI analyzes the conversation and recommends personalized responses. This makes the customer feel understood and valued because the help they get is tailored just for them.

AI can work around the clock, helping customers any time

AI never needs a break, so it can help customers any time, day or night. This user-friendly helper tackles various tasks non-stop. Early morning? Late at night? If a customer has a question, AI is there to offer help right away.

The 24/7 availability saves time for both customers and human agents. Customers get quick answers without waiting for business hours. For more complex issues, AI gives personalized recommendations based on the customer’s past interactions and preferences.

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Possibilities of live chat AI assistant

But it’s not the end! There are more benefits and possibilities for AI assistants.

  1. Keeps the brand’s tone

    AI helps live chat agents stick to the brand’s tone in every conversation. Whenever a customer starts a chat, the live chat agent may use an AI assistant to change the text an agent already wrote.

    Whether the brand is fun and casual or serious and professional, the AI keeps this tone consistent. Every reply feels like it comes from the brand itself, not just any employee.

  2. Helps correct typos

    After an agent types a response, the AI scans the text right away. It looks for any spelling mistakes and corrects them before the message goes out to the customer. Messages are then clear and professional.

    A quick check saves the agent from embarrassing errors and keeps conversations smooth. With the help of an AI, live chat becomes more reliable and polished.

  3. Saves plenty of time

    Typos corrected in seconds, tone changed in a few clicks, pre-made messages are at the fingertips, and more – all of these are true time-savers.

    Do you need some extra help at your sports shop? Your customers are constantly asking about specific things about sports equipment on your website?

    AI can handle that. Just upload the information to the system, so the app knows all the functions, prices, and other necessary details about your product catalog.

  4. Scales to handle high volumes of chats

    AI-powered tools streamline operations for live chat agents, especially when lots of customers need help at once.

    As the chat gets busy, the AI sorts incoming messages. It quickly responds to simple questions and prioritizes more complex issues for human agents. A setup like this keeps things moving smoothly without any chaos.

    AI helps agents keep up even in times of demand spikes, and ensures no customer waits too long.

  5. Gives a more detailed answer

    Once a customer asks a tough question, a live chat operator quickly digs up in-depth information and writes the answer. Then, AI works as a digital assistant, suggesting human-like responses with more details that agents can use.

    Customers don’t just get quick replies – they get thorough, clear explanations. The AI looks at past similar customer questions to find what works best. Then, it uses this knowledge to help agents craft answers that feel personal and complete. Customers leave the chat feeling understood and well-informed.

  6. Checks grammar

    It works just as a typo correction, but with grammar. Whenever live chat agents type out their replies, the AI quickly analyzes each sentence. It corrects any grammar mistakes before the message reaches the users.

    If you’re looking for automation of some processes, AI assistant may get your back covered here.

Future of live chat AI assistant: predictions

Some capabilities of live chat AI assistants are in use today, but many technologies are still developing. Here are a few predictions for the future:

  • AI will speak more like humans due to advances in natural language processing. It communicates quite well now, but sometimes it needs corrections.
  • Voice assistants may become more common in live chat services.
  • AI will boost productivity by handling even more complex tasks with little human input.
  • Users will receive even more personalized interactions and product recommendations tailored to their preferences and history.
  • AI assistants may serve various purposes beyond customer service, like tutoring or personal coaching.

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Smartupp – AI-driven assistant

Smartsupp is a versatile platform that integrates AI and live chat capabilities to provide better customer service. It helps businesses manage and streamline their customer interactions like a pro.

With tools like AI reply assistants and Mira AI shopping assistant, Smartsupp ensures quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries.

How does Smartsupp’s AI assistant work?

Smartsupp’s AI assistant boosts agent productivity and customer satisfaction through several key features:

  • checks grammar in real-time,
  • adjusts the tone to fit the brand’s voice,
  • expands short messages to be more informative,
  • saves time and money.

Combine live chat with chatbots!

Bringing together live chat with AI chat lets Smartsupp provide comprehensive communication solutions, along with other benefits:

  • Smartsupp is affordable (see the pricing), making advanced chat solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  • The service provides robust customer support to resolve any issues quickly.
  • It features numerous automation options to save time and reduce workload.
  • Integration with third-party providers ensures all customer data is centralized.
  • AI can handle routine queries, freeing up agents for more complex work.

See what Smartsupp can do for you! Start today and boost how you talk to customers.


Live chat AI assistants make your customer service faster and smarter. They help answer quickly, keep conversations clear, and save time. As AI gets better, expect even more impressive features that enhance how we connect with customers.

Smartsupp leads by combining AI with live chat for a powerful service platform. Want to upgrade your customer interactions?

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