Smartsupp New Chat Box: Comparison with Competitors

Smartsupp New Chat Box: Comparison with Competitors

Find out how Smartsupp's new chat box outperforms competitors in customer engagement and support. Set new standards in customer satisfaction and experience the next level of real-time communication.

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Did you hear the news?! Smartsupp has got a brand-new chat box. Don’t let yourself fall behind and delve into the features and benefits of Smartsupp’s latest chat box. 

See if it stands up to the rest.

An excellent chat box: what features should it have?

But first, let’s get an overview of the features that an excellent chat box should deliver:

User interface and design 

Nobody wants clunky buttons or confusing menus that leave your customers scratching their heads, right? A well-designed chat box should be user-friendly so that everyone can navigate it with ease. 

Integration and compatibility 

A chat box must seamlessly sync up with existing systems, platforms, and websites. No more compatibility issues that pop out of the blue.

Chatbot capabilities 

Here’s what counts: pre-written responses, conversational flow, and the ability to handle customer queries effectively. When it’s all set, your chat box will be like the cherry on top of the perfect user experience cake. 🍰

Customization and personalization 

We’re not talking about one-size-fits-all solutions here. When your chat box is easily customizable, you can make it like an extension of your own website. You should be able to choose your colors and size and even upload your agent logo as a personal touch. 

Performance and reliability 

Conversations and interactions should go smoothly when using a reliable chat box. And pay attention to its performance - data never lies. No matter what the circumstances are, you’ll always have a sidekick.

Pricing and cost-effectiveness 

Last but not least – cost-effectiveness. Sometimes high price doesn’t equals quality.  It’s about finding a chat box that not only fits your budget but also maximizes your resources. 

And you know what’s best? Smartsupp has it all!

Chat box: Smartsupp vs. competitors

#1 Smartsupp new chat box

Smartsupp is a great chatbox and live chat software provider. Check out what it offers!

A new Smartsupp chat box

🟢 Advantages of Smartsupp chat box

Take your experience to the next level with these new performance features.

✔️ Profound insights for monitoring your users’ behavior through Google Analytics 4 support, optimizing your interactions for superior results.

✔️ Various chat window sizing options for reading messages effortlessly.

✔️ Expanded collection of fun emojis for enhancing your conversations and adding a personal touch to your communication.

✔️ Redesigned file-sharing system for eliminating the struggles with file sharing.

✔️ Mobile-friendly chatbot design for an intuitive and seamless user experience.

✔️ Updated contact form for empowering you to capture more leads, fueling the growth of your business.

Simplified chat box controls for streamlining communication with your customers, boosting efficiency to unprecedented levels.

🔴 Drawbacks of Smarstupp chat box:

Hard to find any, really. If you have any suggestions, please, let us know. We really value your feedback.

To check Smartsupp out in practice, sign up for a free trial or subscribe to one of our plans. They start at $19,5! For some useful tips and updates, join our newsletter.

Performance check of Smartsupp competitors

Performance check of Smartsupp competitors

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#2 Tidio chat box

Tidio offers both live chat and chatbot support. 

🟢 Advantages of Tidio chat box:

  • can be repositioned wherever you want on the website
  • GA4 integration

🔴 Drawbacks of Tidio chat box:

  • basic set of emojis
  • impossible to resize the chat box - you can only minimize it
  • paid plans are more expensive compared to Smartsupp
  • Tidio blocking time is 323ms, while at Smartsupp, it’s 99ms
  • Tidio Lighthouse Performance Score is 83%, while at Smartsupp, it’s 98% 

It hast a limited free plan, paid ones start at $29/month.

#3 chat box is free live chat software. 

🟢 Advantages of chat box:

  • many emojis
  • GA4 support

🔴 Drawbacks of chat box:

  • poor customization options
  • confusing UI
  • lacks sizing options
  • Page Weight is 136kB, while at Smartsupp, it’s 79kB
  • Total Blocking time is 93ms, while at Smartsupp, it’s 99ms 

It’s free to use, but there are some extra paid features, like a white label for your chat box.

#4 LiveChatInc chat box

You can use LiveChatInc for live chat, chatbots, and create knowledge bases.

🟢 Advantages of LiveChatInc chat box:

  • dark mode 
  • various formats of shared files 

🔴 Drawbacks of LiveChatInc chat box:

  • the design could be better
  • lacks sizing options
  • basic chat customization in the Starter plan
  • LiveChatInc Page Weight is 314kB, while at Smartsupp, it’s 79kB
  • LiveChatInc Total Blocking time is 367ms, while at Smartsupp, it’s 99ms 

In contrast to Smartsupp, LiveChatInc doesn’t offer a free package. Pricing plans start at $24/month.

#5 Drift chat box

Sales and marketing teams can use Drift for live chat, in-app messaging, and email management.

🟢 Advantages of Drift chat box:

  • GA4 interaction
  • you can upload an agent photo

🔴 Drawbacks of Drift chat box:

  • lacks size customization 
  • customization of the chat box display conditions offered but only in the Premium or Above Drift plans
  • pricey
  • Drift Lighthouse Performance Score is 77%, while at Smartsupp, it’s 98%
  • Drift Total Blocking time is 562ms, while at Smartsupp, it’s 99ms

It’s quite a pricey option. The lowest plan starts at $2,500/month.

#6 Zendesk chat box

Zendesk is a customer service and support platform that provides businesses with tools and features for managing customer interactions.

🟢 Advantages of Zendesk chat box:

  • minimal design (could also be a drawback for some users)
  • easy setup

🔴 Drawbacks of Zendesk chat box:

  • lacks chat box controls
  • no sizing option
  • no sound notification
  • Zendesk Page Weight is 318kB, while at Smartsupp, it’s 79kB
  • Zendesk Total Blocking time is 445ms, while at Smartsupp, it’s 99ms

Zendesk pricing plans start at $49 but are limited in terms of chatbot capabilities. There’s no free solution.

#7 Hubspot chat box

🟢 Advantages of Hubspot chat box:

  • simple UI
  • pre-contact form

🔴 Drawbacks of Hubspot chat box:

  • free tools have very limited capabilities
  • lacks chat box controls
  • poor customization (you can’t add an agent photo)
  • no sizing option
  • Hubspot Page Weight is 420kB, while at Smartsupp, it’s 79kB
  • Hubspot Total Blocking time is 612ms, while at Smartsupp, it’s 99ms

Hubspot chatbot and live chat are free, but if you want more features, you have to subscribe to paid plans. Prices for small teams start at $20.

#8 Intercom chat box

Businesses can use Intercom for communication with their customers across different channels.

🟢 Advantages of Intercom chat box:

  • pre-contact form
  • customization

🔴 Drawbacks of Intercom chat box:

  • no sizing option
  • surveys are extra paid
  • pricey
  • Intercom Page Weight is 204kB, while at Smartsupp, it’s 79kB
  • Intercom Total Blocking time is 200ms, while at Smartsupp, it’s 99ms

Prices start at $74/month. Higher plans are calculated based on how many seats you need and the number of people you reach.

Efficient chat box? Yes, please!

When finding the perfect chat box solution, there are plenty of options out there, but Smartsupp is the real deal. With its irresistible combination of affordable pricing and outstanding quality, Smartsupp is a smart choice. 

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to level up your customer communication and their UI experience. Sign up for Smartsupp today and give your website the chat box it truly deserves.