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A new Smartsupp widget is around the corner. What can you expect?

June 20, 2019 | Zosia Szczech | Product News, Smartsupp

You surely have noticed a few changes over the past few months – a new website, our new dashboard, the mobile app and there’s more changes in the wind – a new Smartsupp widget!

Let me quickly tell you what to expect.

We made it prettier…

The widget will have a completely fresh, sleek look. We decided to go with a rather minimalist style. Don’t worry about no text there – this round button with a subtle animation will be enough for your visitors to know that you are there to answer their questions.


The chat box in the open state will be slightly bigger and easier for the visitors to use and read. Their eyes will be thankful for more space to write and for clear and distinguishable messages, with improved colour contrast.

Sometimes words are not enough and you just need this heart-shaped eyes fellow to express how much you appreciate your visitors. So yes, we will finally support emojis!

…and more functional!

Cool colours don’t make the chat, so we also improved a few features to let you use Smartsupp to the fullest and provide even better customer care. We placed the pre-chat and offline forms inside of the conversation, without breaking it, so now they are less confusing and more inviting.

We also get that to express yourself completely, you sometimes need to send pictures or screenshots. Will the new widget know how to send files then? Finally, we can answer “yes” to this question! Upload the files or drag and drop them in the chat, simple as that.

The way of sending the automatic messages will be less aggressive, yet still engaging. An auto message will pop up above the chat, instead of opening its window, letting your customer know that you are there for them. We won’t display the auto messages on mobile, as mobile users already have enough pop windows on their devices. Your customer will see the indication of the new message and will be able to decide whether they want to open it or not.

With our new widget, your visitors will have a possibility to show their love with a positive rating before the chat ends. Or maybe there’s a message or a shortcut that makes them frown? Find out what specifically makes them happy or sad and make your chat communication even better!

That’s enough of the details for one article, now we are getting back to working on the new widget so you can enjoy it sooner than you expect! Stay tuned for the next updates because we are preparing even more new, great features for you. We can’t tell you too much now but maybe you can guess? A small hint – automation is the future and we are not behind the times.

Are you interested to sign up for beta testing? Just leave us a message with your registration e-mail in the chat in the bottom right corner and we will contact you as soon as the widget is ready.

Questions, thoughts? Shoot us a message at