9 Top Olark Alternatives: Chat Platforms Worth Checking Out

9 Top Olark Alternatives: Chat Platforms Worth Checking Out

Learn about the top Olark alternatives for live chat software and find the best fit for your business. Some of them might surprise you – get to know which ones we chose.

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Have you got second thoughts about your customer care software, and you’re looking for some other solutions? Maybe it’s time for a change. So today, we’ll take a closer look at Olark alternatives.

There are many pieces of software available out there. And they’re all different with various capabilities and features. And that’s good news because businesses are all unique and require solutions that are tailored to their needs as much as possible.

So if you feel like changing the software to something different from what you’ve been using so far, you might find this comparison useful. But before jumping into the details, let’s examine Olark’s pros and cons.

What is Olark?

A tool like Olark might be useful to keep in touch with visitors. It is customer service software that helps companies provide quick and convenient support via live chat. Thanks to many features, the platform serves as a tool for engaging users and understanding their needs.

Best features and benefits of Olark

Check out what Olark has to offer.

Live chat and chatbot

Agents support customers via Olark live chat and solve problems on the spot. With the customization features, you can adjust the chatbox to match your website. Moreover, they offer a CoPilot chatbot, but there’s little information about its features and price.

Unlimited chat history

Customer service representatives can view past conversations and go through unlimited chat history and chat transcripts. Also, they can monitor if customer service is of high quality.


You can buy additional extras if you want to level up your chat capabilities. For example, removing the Olark label from the chat box costs $59, and enhanced visitors’ insights come at $99, both billed monthly. The power-ups seem quite useful. However, they are pretty expensive.

Olark Pricing

Olark pricing starts from $29/month/seat. In addition, an enterprise solution gives companies access to a chatbot tool.

Things Olark could do better

🚩There are only two pricing plans.

🚩It does not have an app.

🚩Chatbot solution is available only in the Pro plan.

🚩It lacks a free plan.

Key takeaways

  • It seems affordable, but when you have more agents, it might be a pricey solution.
  • Power-ups are quite expensive.
  • You can’t stay in touch with your customer on the go.

Olark alternatives

  1. Smartsupp
  2. Intercom
  3. Drift
  4. LiveChat
  5. Userlike
  6. Pure Chat
  7. Tawk
  8. Velaro

Why is it worth looking for an Olark alternative?

Olark is a decent tool. However, it has its flaws. There’re many pieces of software out there that enable companies to keep up with customers’ and visitors’ needs. And most importantly, some of the alternatives offer more than Olark at a lower price.

Best Olark alternatives in detail

Ready to check them out in more detail? Off we go.

#1 Smartsupp

Smartsupp allows users to automate many tasks with a chatbot and service their customers in real-time via live chat. The software provides a two-in-one solution, so you don’t have to worry about not taking care of customers after office hours.

Smartsupp as an alternative to Olark

Best features and benefits of Smarstupp

Find out what Smartsupp has to offer.

Video recording

Track how your customers move around your website with video recordings. Just choose the chat session and click the play button. The tool helps understand your customers and hints about where your site needs improvements and what works well. It is the secret weapon that none of the live chat alternatives have.


Customers and agents can send files to each other, saving a great deal of time. For instance, visitors don’t have to explain everything in a text message. Instead, they send a screenshot, a PDF file, or other file types if they have any questions or doubts.

Chatbot and live chat support

Providing excellent customer experience on desktop and mobile is made simple with Smartsupp live chat. Real-time support is something your users appreciate - especially those who need an agent’s support and expertise. Operators and shoppers will definitely feel the difference because of the user-friendly interface.

The secret sauce to top-notch customer care is a chatbot. Why work hard when you can work smart? Use a chatbot for task automation! With this tool, you save plenty of time (and energy) that you and your agent can spend doing other great things.


Insights into website visitors’ behavior

Thanks to features like statistics and video recording, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your visitors and customers behave. When you know their preferences and likings, it’s much easier to offer something that they might enjoy using, isn’t it?

Enhanced customization

Make a chat window more appealing using customization options. Change the color, shape, text, and location of the chat widget. Set up a welcome message for recurring visitors and those browsing the website for the first time (it works as a proactive chat). Customized messages may seem like a small detail, but they’re much appreciated.

Increased conversion rates and retention

Live chat software support lets businesses provide tailored customer assistance. By communicating in real time, agents can help visitors on the spot and build long-term relationships. Customers can ask questions and get answers immediately. What’s more, Smartsupp live chat software helps identify pain points and address them before they become an issue.

Many integrations (API Shoptet integration included)

The software integrates with many tools and platforms, for example, Google Analytics, Shopify, PrestaShop, WordPress, and others. All to ensure support providers a smooth experience. With a Shoptet integration, buyers can use a chatbot to check the status order. Additionally, it is a great way to automate your work and give self help opportunities.


Are you looking for a tailored solution for an affordable price? Smartsupp is the answer. It is possible to set custom limits on many features and solutions. Besides, there are great packages for businesses of any size. The paid pricing plans start at $19.5.

The software offers:

✅ free plan

✅ upgradable seats

✅ annual billing discount

Check out Smartsupp pricing details.

Things Smartsupp could do better

It’s hard to find anything that Smartsupp might miss. However, the fact that some plans only allow you to upgrade up to a certain number of seats might be considered a con (in the Ultimate plan, the limits are customizable anyways).

Key takeaways

  • Setup is super quick and easy.
  • Live chat software is excellent.
  • There are flexible pricing plans.
  • You can use a chatbot for task automation.
  • E-commerce platforms are integrated natively.
  • A mobile app is at your disposal.
  • The interface is intuitive.

#2 Intercom

If you are looking for an Olark alternative, Intercom is one of the options worth checking out. It is live chat software with a built-in CRM system.

Best features and benefits of Intercom

Customizable bots and live chat let businesses take care of the customer. It is also possible to send targeted messages to specific users as desired. Intercom offers report options like CSV export, conversation, or chat volume report for those seeking numbers.

Intercom pricing

There are four available packages, but hardly any of them provides prices. The costs are calculated based on the seats and how many people you reach with a tool. Only the Starter plan comes with a price, starting at $74/month.

Things Intercom could do better

🚩There could be more details about the prices.
🚩Intercom lacks a free trial.
🚩The tool is not as intuitive as other Olark competitors.

Key takeaways

  • Add-ons are offered (but might be pricey).
  • Live chat has a variety of features.
  • Users report that customer support could be more responsive.
  • Support, Engage, and Convert plans have different functionalities depending on their purpose.

#3 Drift

Businesses that are seeking a customer support platform might have heard of Drift. It is help desk software designed for conversational marketing, sales, and customer care.

Best features and benefits of Drift

One of the main features of Drift is the support of Artificial Intelligence. AI-powered chatbot supports marketing automation helping to save time. Moreover, a live chat is available for those who wish to support their visitors.

Drift supports smaller companies by providing Startup Program (but the features are limited, though).

Drift pricing

Package prices start at $2,500/month. Contact the sales department for more pricing information.

Things Drift could do better

🚩Users complain about the prices.
🚩It lacks a free version of the plan and a free trial.
🚩It comes with not as many features as the other alternatives.

Key takeaways

  • It might be a bit expensive for small businesses.
  • Only Enterprise plan subscribers can use AI support.
  • The mobile app is at your disposal.

#4 LiveChat

Those seeking a simple solution may find LiveChat beneficial. Its many integrations and features make it a solid live chat alternative to Olark.

Best features and benefits of LiveChat

One of the most robust features of LiveChat is the numerous integrations. Users can easily integrate with platforms like WordPress, Shopify or Facebook Messenger. Additionally, the interface is quite user-friendly. Except for live chat support, LiveChat offers chatbots as well, but you need to buy a separate plan to access them.

LiveChat pricing

There are four subscription plans. The lowest start at $24/month/agent.

Things LiveChat could do better

🚩It is not possible to get a free plan.

🚩Live chat and chatbot support can be expensive if you purchase two plans - some platforms, such as Smartsupp, provide both at once.

Key takeaways

  • The ticketing system is available.
  • Chatbots are accessible, but they come with a separate plan.
  • LiveChat doesn’t include a free plan.
  • Platforms offer plans for companies at every stage of their growth.

#5 Userlike

This platform is worth considering while searching for an Olark alternative. The software has various features and pricing options, so let’s take a closer look at the pros, cons, and pricing of Userlike to see if it’s the right fit for your business.

Best features and benefits of Userlike

Chatbot and live chat options allow customer support teams to manage multiple customers and once. What’s more, advanced chat routing makes assigning a conversation to the right person very convenient. But only the highest plan offers chat routing.

Chat analytics and sending multimedia files are Userlike’s strong suits.

Userlike pricing

Paid plans start at €100/month/4 seats.

Things Userlike could do better

🚩A free plan is relatively limited compared to other Olark competitors.

🚩There’s no mobile app.

🚩Customization option could be more advanced.

Key takeaways

  • Both a free plan and a free trial are available.
  • Chatbot and live chat analytics are available only in premium plans.
  • Companies at different stages of growth can choose from various packages.
  • There is an option for video calls.

#6 Pure Chat

Customer service is more manageable with Pure Chat. It is a help desk software designed to assist businesses in connecting with their customers via live chat.

Best features and benefits of Pure Chat

Its best features include handling unlimited chats, analyzing visitors’ data, customizing chat boxes, and supporting mobile devices. Users also appreciate integrations with e-commerce platforms.

Pure Chat pricing

A monthly subscription starts at $49/month.

Things Pure Chat could do better

🚩Users complain about the slow response time of the support team.

🚩In comparison with other Olark alternatives, Pure Chat has fewer features.

🚩Some reviewers have reported issues with the chat notifications - there are delays and failures in receiving them.

Key takeaways

  • There’s no free plan.
  • It has a straightforward user interface.
  • Chatbot support is not included.
  • In the Growth plan, you are limited to a single website for a live chat.
  • A free trial lasts 30 days.

#7 Tawk

Tight budget? Then Tawk is one of the Olark alternatives you should check out. It is free live chat software.

Best features and benefits of Tawk

The platform’s main and most substantial benefit is that it’s forever free. The setup is simple and takes only a few minutes. Tawk lets you create a chat landing page if you don’t have a website. In case your site goes down, you may want to consider it as a backup option.

Tawk pricing

It’s free of charge.

Things Tawk could do better

🚩Plan upgrades are not possible.

🚩Tawk has the fewest features of all the alternatives

🚩 Reports feature is minimal.

Key takeaways

  • The software is free, but you need to pay to remove the Tawk label.
  • Small businesses will find it a great help.
  • Agents can manage conversations via mobile devices.
  • There’s no chatbot option.

#8 Velaro

With Velaro, customer support and sales teams access various tools, such as a live chat, a chatbot, messaging, voice communication, and a knowledge base. Let’s examine them in more detail.

Best features and benefits of Velaro

Engaging customers with live chat and automating tasks with a chatbot is relatively easy with Velaro. It provides canned responses, proactive chat, click-to-call features, and chat history.

Velaro pricing

The website does not include pricing information. You need to contact sales to know how much it costs.

Things Velaro could do better

🚩Users report an unintuitive interface.

🚩It might have more native integrations.

🚩There’s no mobile app.

Key takeaways

  • It’s impossible to communicate with your customers using mobile devices.
  • The pricing is not displayed on the website.
  • The design is less modern compared to other Olark alternatives.
  • It is possible to both chat and call your customers to provide support

Now you know everything about Olark alternatives

All of those tools have a unique set of features. Consider what software is the best for you and which will benefit you the most before investing your money.

Take your time, carefully evaluate the different options, and compare the features, pricing, and customer reviews to make an informed decision.

✨The right software can help you capture leads and close more sales.

Hard to decide? Our choice is Smartsupp. It offers everything you need to keep your customers happy.

Create an account and start a free trial to check in practice the power of effective customer service.