How to prepare your e-shop for Christmas with chatbot?

How to prepare your e-shop for Christmas with chatbot?
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Christmas is around the corner, the magical time of hustle and bustle, nerves, frantic shopping, but also time spent with the family, lots of food and gifts… but where are the gifts? Will they be shipped in time for Christmas? Can I swap that reindeer sweater if it doesn’t fit Peter? Yeah, and will you wrap it nicely for me? I am too clumsy for these things… that’s why we have live chat for all of these questions and requests.

E-shops everywhere are completely flooded with such questions around Christmas time. It is good to prepare a strategy to answer the most common ones without having to sit at the computer all day. In the end, we do have more important stuff to do - we are packing reindeer sweaters! :) That’s why we’ve prepared tips on how to use automatic messages to keep customers informed of the hottest topics before they write or call you.

Important: Why are messages more effective than changing information on your website? The situation regarding the availability of goods or opening hours can change rapidly during Christmas in connection with covid safety measures. You can easily create an automatic message without the need to contact your IT specialists.

Will the goods come to me by Christmas?

Do you guarantee your customers delivery of goods by Christmas? Let them know that they can count on you under the Christmas tree. Tune in positively right at the beginning by welcoming them to your e-shop with an automatic message.

“You can count on us at Christmas! Everything you manage to order by December 21, we will be able to deliver on time for Christmas :) ”

Can I exchange/return the goods later?

My brother mentioned that he would like some new sportswear when he started riding his bike. I don’t want to ask him about his size so that he doesn’t get suspicious, so I will choose something myself. While I scroll through the category of sportswear for cyclists on your page, I am wondering if I will be able to exchange the goods for another size after Christmas if my brother doesn’t like it. And if so, by when?

“You have time to think. You can return unpacked goods until 31 January 2021. We will handle complaints or exchanges within 14 days and pay the postage for you. Shop with no worries!”

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Can I pick up the goods in person at your shop?

This question is not just for Christmas. During the everlong covid situation, this information is important throughout the whole 2020. Therefore, you may already have a message set in your shopping cart page that informs your customers about the possibility of picking up the goods directly at the shop. Now it is necessary to add whether the opening hours of the shop change during the holidays.

“You can conveniently pick up your goods at our branches in Brno, Prague and Ostrava. Christmas opening hours are 08:00–18:00 on weekdays, we are closed on weekends and holidays. You will reach us by 12:00 on December 24.”

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Speed up your work with Shortcuts

Shortcuts will help if you repeat questions that you are unable to resolve with automated messaging. These are canned messages that you send with one click. It will make your work much faster and easier. After creating a shortcut in the settings, enter it in the text box with “.” Or “/”.

Smartsupp Shortcuts and Chatbot garage are here to make your work easier and save you time. Use the option to create a new automatic message with your own text and conditions. You can specify on which web page (URL) the message will appear, after how long, or what else the customer must do in order to receive the message.

Visit our Help page for more detailed information about settings, conditions and other tips for automatic messages and Shortcuts.

Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.