Pure Chat Alternatives: Our Picks for 2024 (and Beyond)

Pure Chat Alternatives: Our Picks for 2024 (and Beyond)

Looking for a Pure Chat alternative? Look no further and check our top picks you may want to test out – we listed and evaluated quite a few live chat solutions.

Genuinely connect with your visitors
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Pure Chat software works well if you want to communicate with your website’s visitors on a regular basis. With it, you can deliver customer support immediately thanks to providing a live chat feature.

However, not every software solution on the market can help improve your efficiency. That’s because of various customer needs, the goals you want to achieve with live chat, and your target audience.

If you don’t like how one solution works, don’t be afraid to switch chat software. Sicking with a solution just because you’re used to it is not the best practice for your business. With so many different pieces of software available, there’s almost certainly a solution out there that would work better for you.

Let’s talk about some of the most prominent Pure Chat alternatives, focusing on the top features, pricing, cons, and ratings. But first, some more information about Pure Chat itself.

What is Pure Chat?

Pure Chat is a live chat software for customer service. Simply put, it helps businesses connect with their customers in real-time.

Among Pure Chat features, this platform provides unlimited chats, analysis of visitor data, customization of chat boxes, chatting via mobile devices, and many more.

Pure Chat pricing plans

There are only two pricing options - Growth at $39/month and PRO at $79/month when paid annually. The main differences between the pricing plans are:

  • the number of additional operators
  • the number of websites you can add a live chat to
  • SMS notifications
  • branding removal

For those, who are interested in trying Pure Chat out, they offer a free trial that doesn’t require credit card information. Also, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee after buying some of their plans if you’re not satisfied with them.

Top features of Pure Chat

Check out the benefits of Pure Chat for your business.

Reports - if you want to monitor conversations, this feature shows the most necessary metrics.

Chat transcripts - for easier access to chats, Pure Chat transcribes your conversations. There’s also a search bar with which you can look for a particular conversation topic if you need to.

Integrations - Pure Chat integrates with some major platforms: Zapier, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, and Google Analytics.

Chat widget customization - you can change the colors and size to fit your website design.

Canned responses - for fast replies to repeated questions.

File-transferring - a handy feature that facilitates communication between a chat customer and an operator.

However, there are some drawbacks as well.

Where does Pure Chat fall short?

In general, it is a decent tool for customer support and that’s why so many people choose this software. But, unfortunately, there are some aspects that need improving or are just lacking in Pure Chat. Let’s look at some of them.

  • You cannot remove branding on the Growth plan.
  • Pure Chat doesn’t have many native integrations compared to some alternatives. For example, it lacks native integration with WordPress websites.
  • Some reviewers report that the notification system does not work correctly - e.g. there are some delays or they don’t get notified at all.
  • Only two pricing plans are available, and there is no free plan.
  • The design of the website could be more modern.
  • It could be more beneficial for the entire sales process.

Our rating of Pure Chat


Although Pure Chat provides many powerful features, it still needs tweaking in some areas. So, for those who need a better alternative to Pure Chat, we came up with a list of the best ones out there.

7 Pure Chat alternatives to try in 2024

You can have more than just good customer service. So let’s check what features some of the alternatives have to offer. We’ve chosen and ranked our top seven Pure Chat competitors.

#1 LiveChat

This platform allows companies to communicate with their website visitors in real time via live chat software. As a result, agents can provide customer support for those who have questions or need help navigating the website in question.

LiveChat top features:

  • canned responses for facilitating chat conversations
  • file sharing so your visitors can send you attachments
  • chat ratings for gathering feedback
  • analyses and reports to track your company’s progress

LiveChat pricing:

There are four pricing plans - Starter at $24/month, Team at $49/month, Business at $69/month, and Enterprise with individual pricing, all billed annually. If you’re not sure entirely about the software, they offer a 14 day free trial.

LiveChat cons you should keep in mind:

  • lack of a free plan
  • sharing files can be confusing
  • the app is less convenient

Our rating of LiveChat as a Pure Chat alternative:


LiveChat is a good tool but quite a basic one. Keep searching if you need a more advanced option.

#2 Olark

If you are looking for a Pure Chat alternative, check out Olark. It is a chat software solution for managing website customers and visitors.

Olark’s top features:

  • customization of chat boxes and adjustable chat branding
  • analytics for monitoring chat volume, chat agents’ activity, and more
  • transcripts with a search option
  • chat automation - automatic greetings messages, chat routing, etc.

Olark pricing:

There’s only one standard plan at $29/month, billed annually. If you need a customized, enterprise plan, that’s also possible - for its capacity and price, contact the sales team. Purchasing a plan for two years in advance saves 35%.

Olark’s cons you should keep in mind:

  • customization is not so advanced compared to some other alternatives
  • integration with other platforms could be more advanced

Our rating of Olark as a Pure Chat alternative:


Olark is a relatively good tool for customer service but a lack of upgrades could be a significant drawback for some business owners, especially of small or mid-sized companies.

#3 Tawk.to

A customer support tool that helps agents deal with customers in real-time via live chat.

Tawk.to pricing details:

This chat app is free of charge.

Tawk.to chat key features:

  • real-time monitoring of your visitors
  • knowledge base for enhancing team performance thanks to categorized articles
  • easy-to-use mobile app
  • fast to implement on your site
  • unlimited agents

Tawk.to cons you should keep in mind:

Tawk.to is a free service, but this could be a downside for some users because no plans mean no options for upgrading. While the free plan might be enough for you right now, you would probably need more features and a more extensive plan capacity if your company grows.

Unfortunately, there are some undisclosed costs for branding removal - white label costs $19 per month.

Our rating of Tawk.to as a Pure Chat alternative:


Check out Tawk.to alternatives if you’re not totally satisfied with this platform.

#4 Intercom

No matter your company size, Intercom helps you support customers and website visitors with its chat software. It’s a good solution for SaaS businesses, mid-sized companies, and bigger organizations.

Intercom top chat features:

Intercom chat pricing details:

You can find three Intercom plans - Starter, Pro, Premium. The price of each plan is calculated depending on the numbers of seats and people reached. Contact Intercom staff if you want to know the full pricing details.

Cons of Intercom you should keep in mind:

  • Intercom’s website makes it difficult to estimate the price, so deciding on the service takes longer
  • data analysis for measuring customer engagement and satisfaction could be slightly better
  • users report problems with the notification system, which means there’s a risk of missing some incoming chats

Our rating of Intercom as a Pure Chat alternative:


It’s a good shout for those who want to use the full potential of the plan they subscribe to. But for some more advanced options, you need to keep looking.

#5 LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a solid live chat solution for customer service providers that need 24/7 support. You can chat with customers thanks to the many features and functionalities of this software.

LiveAgent key features:

  • file-sharing for sending attachments (of certain formats)
  • analytics and reports on paid subscription plans
  • integrates with various platforms (Zapier, Close CRM, WordPress, Google Analytics)

LiveAgent pricing :

The app delivers five subscription plans: Small at $15/month, Medium at $35/month, and Large at $59/month, and Enterprise at $85/month when billed annually. There’s also a Free plan with basic functionalities, or those who need tailored support can consult LiveAgent customer service for a customized plan.

To test out LiveAgent, there’s a 14-day free trial of any plan available.

Cons of LiveAgent you should keep in mind:

  • quite limited free plan in terms of chat analytics and chatbox customization
  • time tracking, reports, and some other features are paid extra on some plans
  • no substantial support for social media platforms

Our rating of LiveAgent as a Pure Chat alternative:


LiveAgent is a decent alternative with a few shortcomings.

#6 Userlike

If you are looking for a customer support tool, Userlike is one of the available options. It allows chatting with visitors and gives valuable insights into how customers interact with your website, all gathered in one place.

Userlike top features:

  • chatbot for task automation
  • operator groups, each specializing in different fields
  • CRM integrations (e.g. Hubspot, Mailchimp, and Salesforce)
  • rating for gathering customer chat feedback
  • multi-language support

Uselike pricing:

There are two pricing plans - Team at €90/month and Corporate at €290/month when billed annually. A Free plan is also available, but it only offers basic features.

You can test out Userlike’s solution for free for 14 days.

Cons of Userlike you should keep in mind:

  • very pricey plans
  • the free plan is minimal
  • setup could be more intuitive

Our rating of Userlike as a Pure Chat alternative:


Userlike is also an option, but we have one more alternative that might interest you.

What about Smartsupp as a Pure Chat alternative?

Smartsupp is a professional chat software solution to help you communicate with customers and visitors in real time. Its advanced features make Smartsupp an excellent Pure Chat alternative, as we are about to show you.

Smartsupp chatbot

Smartsupp top chat functionalities

In addition to some essential functions, Smartsupp has a wide range of upgraded features to help deliver excellent customer service.

Here are the most powerful ones:

File-transferring for easier and faster communication

Sending a screenshot or PDF file with an invoice can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent explaining an issue. So, to facilitate communication, both customers and agents can send files for a seamless experience.

Reports for data-driven decisions

Statistics and reports are essential if you want to make data-driven business decisions. Smartsupp provides tracking of:

  • customer satisfaction ratings
  • response times
  • number of answered and missed chats

and more. These are all critical metrics for measuring customer satisfaction.

Also, you can monitor your operators’ performance with individual agents’ statistics.

Visitor base for getting to know your audience

In the Visitors tab, agents can see everyone who is browsing your website. Operators can also filter visitors by the number of individuals who are:

  • active
  • in chat
  • your customers
  • auto-messages
  • blocked

Identifying your visitors is therefore made easier with this feature.

Mobile app for chatting on the go

Your agents can manage customers via mobile devices no matter if they are in front of their computers. By using a chat app, your company can provide customer service that is both efficient and effective.

Moreover, with the help of mobile applications and devices, your team can help customers anywhere and at any time.

Chatbots for replying to FAQs

Smartsupp also offers chatbot support. This is a great feature for answering the most common questions, saving you time and money in the process.

Canned responses for time-efficiency

Canned responses save time on answering the same questions repeatedly. For example, when you receive an email or Facebook message, you can use a canned response if it’s a question that you’ve answered before. These previously-written replies will allow you to quickly reply without typing out the entire message again.

Smartsupp pricing

There are four pricing plans, so everyone can find something suitable for them. The Standard plan costs €15/month and PRO costs €72/month, billed annually. The Ultimate plan, for more prominent companies with specific needs, requires contacting sales for a price.

There’s also a free trial available if you want to try Smartsupp out first.

Cons of Smartsupp you should keep in mind

We do not offer a free plan.

Our ranking


Thanks to its advanced features and affordable pricing, converting visitors into customers is a piece of cake with this solution.

Smartsupp as the best Pure Chat alternative

Choosing a chat tool that suits your needs is the best option. However, if you want some advice, follow our ranking of Smartsupp as one of the best choices compared to other chat competitors. Its advanced functionalities and chatbot builder help with business development and providing fantastic customer service.

If you feel like changing your current chat software solution, give Smartsupp a try for free.