Chatting on the go? Download our brand new chat mobile app!

Chatting on the go? Download our brand new chat mobile app!
Genuinely connect with your visitors
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You don’t have time to sit at your computer all day, so a fully functional, working chat mobile app is a must. We hear you and we are bringing you a new, shiny, redesigned Smartsupp chat mobile app! The iOS app has already been released and the Android app will be ready for you in just a few weeks.

EDIT: We already released the Android app as well!

We did the math and it turns out that 20% of our users use our mobile app regularly and this number is growing everyday. We’ve gathered your feedback, run a few tests and improved the app for you. It took us some time but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

For the last 3 months we have been fully focused on developing and bringing new features to the new version. And we are really proud of it!

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Check out below what we have prepared for you.

Completely new design of the app, with easier and more intuitive navigation

Forget the boring white-blue squeezed list view. We made it simpler and friendlier for you. The layout was completely redesigned, you will find the main navigation elements at the bottom - so much easier to get to and start the journey with our new app.

chat mobile app

Better overview of the open and close chats

You will see two buttons in the chat section: open - with your ongoing chats, and closed - with your complete history. Browse easily through the finished conversation and see the customer satisfaction rating, missed and offline messages. Everything right at your fingertips!

chat mobile app

Better organized visitor info

Enjoy clear and neat visitor info in the app. Switch easily through their general info, their browsing history and referer. Need to edit the customer’s info or add a note for the future communication? We got you covered here!

A great new thing - you’ll see immediately how many times a customer visited your website and if you have ever chatted with them. If you need to check what you were talking about during the previous chats, simply open the visitor’s chat history. Pretty helpful, isn’t it?

chat mobile app

New settings

Here’s something great: now you have access to settings in the Smartsupp mobile app. Using your phone as a main device? No problem, from now on you can easily customise your chat box to give it your own personal look and feel.

Have you stopped offering a discount that was mentioned in your automatic messages? Or do you need to re-enable a greeting message to engage more customers? Now there’s no need to do it on your computer anymore - simply turn on or off your auto messages in the app!

Same goes for shortcuts, the new Smartsupp app can add and edit them too now.

chat mobile app

The best for last: Your profile

As a user of the app, you are the most important to us. That’s why we want you not only to have the possibility to edit your info in the app but also to see how well you are doing. Tap on your profile to see and edit your name and description visible to the visitors. We will also now show you the total number of your chats and average rating, so you know how awesome you are. Feeling pretty today? Take a selfie directly in the app and set it as your profile picture. Had better looking days before? Pick a photo from your camera roll and set it up!

chat mobile app

We’ve been working really hard on making our app more user-friendly and full of new features. We hope that the new Smartsupp chat mobile app design will turn out to be friendlier and simpler to use and you will finally be able to use Smartsupp fullest potential from the app level. Thanks for being with us and stay tuned for the upcoming updates!

Hey, iOS users what are you waiting for? Download the new app now and let us know what you think!

We cooperated with Dactyl group on the development of our mobile applications.