Smartsupp at the Ecommerce Expo Warsaw 2019

Smartsupp at the Ecommerce Expo Warsaw 2019
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We presented Smartsupp at the Ecommerce Expo Warsaw 2019. Now you can read all about it.

What is this E-commerce expo?

Ecommerce Warsaw expo is the biggest event for online sellers in Central Europe. For this year’s event 140 exhibitors, 34 speakers and 4000 participants all came together to share knowledge, present products and network.

Smartsupp is the most popular live chat amongst Polish e-shop owners, so obviously, we had to be there as well.

This is the story of how we went there, saw everything and came back wiser. Here we go.

Was it a long ride?

Oh, you bet! After half an hour of sighing and rearranging, we finally managed to cram all our bags into the trunk of the car and were ready for the 7hours long journey to Warsaw. I mean, we were ready - phones and kindles charged, podcasts downloaded, snacks packed. 7 hours, 140 songs on the radio and 3 petrol station stops later, we arrived, exhausted, but amazed by all the tall buildings and city lights of Warsaw.

Then, after another half an hour of sighing and making phone calls, we finally made it to our accommodation. Quickly! Go to sleep! You must be ready for tomorrow!

So what did you do at the Expo all day?

Spoke to everyone willing to come close to our stand. Presented Smartsupp to potential new customers and gave quick demos. Welcomed our current customers like old friends and talked about our future plans. And for the whole day, we collected the most common questions that Polish e-shoppers have about Smartsupp.


What was it everybody wanted to know about Smartsupp?

Top three questions we got were:

  • Can I connect it to Facebook Messenger? Actually, we are working on that right now. Read more about it here.
  • Does it have a call option? Not yet. But we hear you and so we forwarded your request to our developers. In the meantime, you can always ask for the customer’s number and schedule a call like that. You can also set a pre-chat form, where you ask your customer for the phone number.
  • Do you have a plugin for my e-commerce platform? Well, most probably! Shoper, Soteshop, Magento, Prestashop, these are only some of the platforms you have mentioned and we have plugins for all of them and many more. If you don’t find your platform on the list, no need to worry - inserting the chat code into your website takes two minutes.
  • Do you have a chatbot? YES! Our chatbot Smarty is a powerful automation tool that will help you detect visitors who are likely to make a purchase, answer FAQs, deliver thorough menu options, upsell products, and much more.

Any last words before you let us go about our business again?

Actually, yes. We want to thank everybody who supports us. To everybody who came to say hi at the expo, to every person who wrote us a review online, to every customer using Smartsupp on their site, thank you. You make the time we spend on developing this tool worthwhile.

Also, special thanks to our Polish customers. Thank you for choosing Smartsupp, making it the number one live chat solution in Poland this year again. It makes us want to go to Warsaw every year.

And since we are already here, why not do some sightseeing using those electric scooters everybody’s talking about?

Smartsupp expo

See you again next year!

Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.