Smartsupp featured on CyberNews as one of the best WordPress plugins

Smartsupp featured on CyberNews as one of the best WordPress plugins

Smartsupp was listed in CyberNews as one of the best plugins to use on WordPress! Celebrate this moment with us and find out a little more about our ongoing growth in the conversational ecommerce market.

Genuinely connect with your visitors
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We’ve been busy bees here at Smartsupp these years–really putting the most into our Bzzz-Bzzz-Bizzness. It is truly from the fruit of our labor that we’ve recently had the honor of being listed by CyberNews as one of the best plugins for businesses to leverage on WordPress! Needless to say, we are truly buzzing.

Since 2019, we’ve added chatbots, email sending, Facebook Messenger integration, and many other notable improvements. In fact, now that we’ve added all of these nifty gadgets and features into Smartsupp, we don’t like to label our product simply as a live chat anymore. Smartsupp is now built to be your personal shopping assistant, effectively combining live chat, chatbots, and video recordings into affordable offers that start at $15 for our Standard package. It works 24/7 and is here to save you time and help you turn visitors into loyal customers.

Smartsupp offers the following core capabilities:

  • A one-and-only combination of live chat, chatbots, and video recordings–automate responses to repetitive questions, deliver personal service when needed and see where visitors get lost on your webshop.
  • Access to real-time visitor lists enriched with e-commerce data–see who is browsing your webshop, which products they are interested in and proactively start a conversation to assist you in making a sale.
  • A FREE Mobile App–be more accessible to your customers with Smartsupp’s app for iOS and Android phones so that you can reply to visitor inquiries even when you are in the warehouse or on the go.

We are recognized as one of the most popular chat products for e-commerce in Europe with 88,000 active webshops and websites… and still growing! The Smartsupp chat box is loaded 540 million times each month across the world wide web, and it is really awesome to see so many users across the globe putting our product into action. But, that’s not it, our team also grew–we are now 40 hardworking professionals and tech fanatics from various countries all working towards one goal: to drive your online sales through conversational e-commerce. Check out our people of Smartsupp page on Instagram to see some of the busy bees behind our blossoming product.

If you missed out on the detailed updates about our new additions, please check out our website or blog to see how Smartsupp can improve your business.