Smartsupp is integrating with Facebook Messenger and E-mail (soon!)

Smartsupp is integrating with Facebook Messenger and E-mail (soon!)
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Sometimes you just can’t get what you want. But if you take a quick look, you may find that Smartsupp ‘Seamless messaging’ has everything you need!

We just can’t stop working on solutions making your work easier. Let me walk you through a few extra things that will be available for you in just a few short months.

All messages from the chat, Messenger and email in one place

Seamless messaging - these words have been flying around the office lately! What does it mean for you? We simply don’t want you to miss a thing having all of these tabs opened in order to communicate with your customers. Get ready for a new era of Smartsupp, combining the good, old chat (with an improved look though) with Facebook messenger and email!

Improve your conversion rate by replying immediately to the messages sent from your Facebook followers. These days, no one likes to wait for a reply, so we will help you to spot their messages before somebody else gives them the answer they are looking for.

Weren’t fast enough to reply to a customer on chat and they left the website?  Don’t switch the tabs just to answer them from your email, simply do it in Smartsupp - we will deliver the answer to their email address. Once they reply, you will also see it in the chat window! It saves tons of time and we all know how precious it is, right?

Facebook messenger intergation

Entire customer communication under one thread

What if the same customer uses not only chat but also Messenger and email to reach out to you? Be a step ahead of them! Pretty soon we will put all of their communication in the same place, chronologically under one tab. Don’t waste your time on looking for their conversation history all over the place - simply scroll up and down.

Facebook messenger intergation

Share files, images and screenshots

If you haven’t heard that we are preparing the possibility of sending files in chat, we just wanted to let you know that the new release will be capable of attaching the files as well, so you will be able to fully express yourself when talking to your customers.


Chats like tickets

We will also make Smartsupp behave more like a customer management system. There won’t be the history tab anymore but don’t be alarmed! You’ll see two new tabs - open and closed, so the ongoing and resolved cases will be more distinguishable, and easy to switch between.


Have an overview on your team’s progress

Check who is handling a case at any moment and assign new messages to your agents, so no one feels overwhelming and everyone resolves the issues they are best prepared for.

Facebook messenger intergation

Know your customer better with the improved visitors list

Remember the days when you didn’t have to point your cursor over a visitor to see how many times they had visited your website before and how many chats you had with them? Guess what! The columns with the number of chats and visits, and referrer will be back. The visitor list will be also a bit more spacious  and easier to read.


Customer contact details in one place

Chatting brings you closer to your customers not only by the chat per se but also by collecting their data that sometimes you could export for purposes other than just talking to them. The data would come in handy for your sales team or you could use it for marketing purposes? Pretty soon you will be able to search through the chatting customers database and make an export out of it.

Preparation of releasing our Seamless messaging is in full swing. Shortly you will see for yourself how we are making communication with your customers even better. Want to be faster than the others? Leave us your email address and we will let you know when the omnichannel is available for Beta testing.

Are there any other changes on the horizon? There’s only one way to find out - follow our blog to be always up to date with our news!

Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.