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Smartsupp release notes 05/2021

June 8, 2021 | Jan Švábík | Smartsupp

Here’s a brief summary of the features we added during May 2021. Some of these features were mentioned in the previous release notes article by mistake so we relocated them to this one to keep everything clear and correct.


  • multilevel chatbot – you can now create decision tree chatbot
  • you can set up chatbot URL conditions
  • you can use chatbot preview feature to see how your chatbot will look like on your website
  • improved chatbot builder
  • each branch in chatbot builder is now collapsible which makes the tree cleaner – you can open and close each branch of your chatbot which makes creating of the chatbot simple

Dashboard and chat box

  • new help panel in the menu section to make it easier to reach for help
  • new billing flow
  • chatbot onboarding – after reading about our chatbot new users creating an account will be prompted to set up their first chatbot during onboarding

Mobile apps

  • you can now renew your subscription right from our mobile app
  • possibility to connect your Smartsupp account with Facebook Messenger directly from the app
  • the app was redesigned for iPads
  • new option to receive notifications even when you’re offline
  • possibility to send a conversation transcript at email directly from the app
  • you can use the notification to reply to a message

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