Tidio Alternatives: Best Live Chat Apps to Choose From
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Tidio Alternatives: Best Live Chat Apps to Choose From

Tidio Alternatives: Best Live Chat Apps to Choose From

Why should you look for Tidio alternatives, and what are the factors you need to take into account in your research? Read our blog post to make an informed decision!

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You will find plenty of Tidio alternatives around you. However, not all of them are equal. Checking and comparing all of the competitors might be challenging and time-consuming, but don’t worry!

In this article, you will learn what they are and how they work, and we will help you choose your number one.

But before making a final decision, check what a good customer support system should have. 👇🏻

How to choose the right customer service software?

When choosing a live chat tool or changing the one you already use, there are several factors to keep in mind.

Choose a tool that offers chatbot support to better customer communication

A chatbot is an excellent complementary tool for live chat. A website user can use it as a filter before contacting customer support. So, chatbots also automate tasks, like assigning a conversation to the operator.

Additionally, chatbots can help with some simple tasks after office hours or when your chat agents are offline. Sometimes, bots can help shoppers by providing them with the items they are looking for.

Check if you have API to export data to your system

API (application programming interface) allows the software to interact with other software. It enables different applications to share data and functionality, helping them to work together.

Thanks to API, you can send gathered customer data from live chat communication to your internal system. This way, you can have all the essential details in one place where you can analyze them, and also, you can get a notification, for example, from your system about receiving a message from a contact form.

Ensure that it’s intuitive for you to use

Before investing money, it is worth checking if it’s the right fit. You can check whether:

  • the interface is easy to navigate for you
  • the admin panel is convenient to use
  • you can use all the advanced features at ease

It is best to sign up for a free trial and explore all the features, functions, and options.

Choosing a tool that is intuitive and easy to use is crucial when you want to provide possibly best customer service. With an intuitive interface and features, your support teams would be able to react fast and resolve queries as quickly as possible.

Go through integrations to check if you can connect with your favorite tools

Integrations are essential for your live chat software to keep track of all the channels your potential customers are using. In addition, integrating with popular third-party apps like Facebook Messenger allows you to continue the conversation even after they’ve left your website.

Not only does live chat software provide instant support to customers, but it also allows you to track and measure agent performance.

Integrating your chat with tools like Google Analytics or your CRM system lets you track how your agents perform. As a result, you may be able to identify areas for training or improvement.

💡 Integrations may help with marketing automation if the software connects with CSM systems.

Test how to set live chat software up on your website

Setting software on your website is the first step when you want to provide live chat customer support. Make sure this process is intuitive for you so you can implement and design your live chat software without a hassle.

A problematic setting is not a good start. You’ll probably be down on the other processes and unhappy with the results.

Luckily, some pieces of software provide a quick and easy setting in just a few steps.

It means that it’s intuitive from the very beginning. You can test how to set up a chat solution on your website by signing up for a free trial. Then you’ll find out if it’s an easy process for you.

Read online reviews and check if the customer support is helpful

Implementing live chat support on a website may seem challenging for some users. However, this doesn’t have to be the case - many live chat alternatives offer step-by-step guides on implementing live chat customer service on their blogs.

Some customer service tools have YouTube channels with tutorials and best practices. It can be super helpful, especially if you have some doubts about starting up (and not only!).

You can also always reach out to a support team when you have concerns. They are usually ready to help and can solve your problems quickly.

To evaluate the support team’s responsiveness, you can check it in practice by writing to them and reading the reviews. Reviews are a great source of information about how customer support works and what users think about everything - from design to the effectiveness of customer care statistics.

📰 Learn more here: 7 Factors to Consider when Researching Live Chat Apps

Having all of those features may help you increase customer satisfaction whether you have a small business or a big ecommerce company.

So now, a few words about Tidio - its strengths and shortcomings.

What is Tidio?

Tidio is customer service software that enables companies and support teams to communicate with customers via various channels and to hold real time conversations. Thanks to many features and integration, you can stay connected throughout the entire customer journey.

Tidio offers chatbots and a live chat to connect with customers. Additionally, they offer a few features that they may find helpful: email inbox, Instagram integration, or a multi-channel tool.

✔️ Pros of Tidio

Let’s take a look and analyze the essential Tidio capabilities in detail.

AI bots can automate about half of your conversations.

Analytics are built-in in the app, so it’s easily accessible. In the Analytics section, you see:

  • how many conversations have you have
  • the average response time
  • conversation duration
  • how many chats you missed

and some more basic statistics.

The chat building assistance option might help you to set up your chat. However, it still requires your expertise, and it’s not an automated process.

Various message templates are available for you and agents to use in conversations with website visitors. However, the templates are scattered around the admin panel, so finding the one you want to use might be quite a challenge and, ultimately, take up your time rather than save it. So, the outcome might be quite the opposite if you don’t know where to look for the template. To find the right one, you must go through all of them.

Integrations allow you to continue using your favorite tools. In addition, there are many platforms that you can connect with. For example, external mailbox, Mailchimp, WordPress, and some other third party apps.

Live typing lets you see what website users type before they enter. This feature aims to shorten the response and prepare your answer ahead. However, it’s worth remembering that people often change their minds and may rewrite the message before sending it.

Chat widget customization is possible, so you can adjust it to your website.

❌ Cons of Tidio

Before you invest your money in the Tidio live chat solution, there are a few things you need to consider.

You can only have 50 live chat conversations with users in a free plan. It’s not a huge number, especially if your company is still growing and needs more chat volume.

Chat volumes are limited in paid subscription plans. However, compared to other alternatives, paid plans offer unlimited conversations with website visitors.

When you subscribe to the Communicator plan, you are charged for each agent each month. Additionally, it is limited to having only 5 agents under this subscription plan. So, you might find it challenging when you don’t need all the capabilities but want to have more agents.

The free trial lasts only 7 days, whereas most Tidio alternatives’ free trials are twice as long.

Tidio Pricing

This live chat solution offers four pricing plans:

  • Free at $0 per month
  • Communicator at $15.83 per month per agent
  • Chatbots at $32.50 per month
  • Tidio+ at $240.83 per month (the more features you want, the more it would cost, it is a minimum price)

There’s a free solution for small businesses and an enterprise plan for big companies. However, some of the plans are quite limited in terms of features.

So look further before deciding because a better solution may be waiting for you.

Is Tidio any good?

That’s the question that everybody should answer individually. There are many businesses out there, for example, e-commerce, SaaS companies, or startups, and each has different goals and needs different solutions.

So, if you find any blind spots in Tidio or need to change your customer service, keep reading.

We will provide you with alternatives that will help you to bring customer service to the next level. 👇🏻

Tidio live chat alternatives

Choosing a tool or solution can be difficult due to the many options available. But, we have you covered - there’s a list of alternatives that you may find helpful. So, let’s take a closer look at them.

#1 Smartsupp as the best Tidio alternative

It is a customer service software that makes it easy to connect with site visitors via live chat and chatbot. Smartsupp is an excellent choice for both ecommerce and customer care, thanks to its many features and benefits.

Here are the most crucial ones.

Smartsupp live chat mobile app

Use video recording to improve customer satisfaction

This feature is a game changer if you want to improve your website. For example, with video recordings, you may follow the website users while visiting your website and checking customer engagement.

This way, you notice where the users are hesitant, where they click, what makes them uncertain and what works.

See the visitors’ details and boost sales

With this live chat feature, you may see all the website visitors’ details, such as how many times they visited your website, what they bought, or where they came from. With this information, you can offer them better shopping assistance and engage them by contacting them directly.

💡 Thanks to a unified inbox, you see all the incoming requests and conversions. Additionally, your customer support agents can chat with visitors on the go using a mobile app.

Smartsupp offers twice more customer conversations in a free plan compared to Tidio

For those who are looking for a free live chat solution, it might be a piece of valuable information. You can find up to 100 conversations in a free subscription plan, whereas Tidio offers 50.

A rich knowledge base

Smartsupp allows you to be up to date with all of the product updates, and also, you’ll also find many guides and tips for great customer service. You can see the Help section with all the necessary information if you need some more details.

Other Smartspp valuable features and benefits:

  • many integrations for a seamless experience (for example, WordPress, Facebook Messenger, Shopify, Google Analytics, LightCMS)
  • shortcuts (works like canned responses) for saving time
  • file sharing for streamlining customer communication
  • contact form for collecting leads
  • easy setup for an effortless start
  • chatbot for taking care of customers around the clock
  • statistics and analysis for monitoring performance
  • multi-language support for a better customer experience
  • customizable live chat widget for making it an integral part of your website
  • automated messages for reducing efforts

All the features make live chat support a breeze.

💡 Use contact forms to pull customer data.

Smartsupp pricing

There are four plans available:

  • Free at $0
  • Standard at $19.5 per month
  • PRO at $48 per month
  • Ultimate - you need to ask a sales team

There is a plan for every business and team, so you can find the right plan for you regardless of your company or team size.

#2 Livechat as a Tidio alternative

It is a live chat software designed for ecommerce, IT, education, and finance and can be used for customer support, sales, and marketing.

How LiveChat works: pros and cons

LiveChat provides a range of features that allow communication with website visitors and improve customer satisfaction. Thanks to:

  • the incoming chat
  • ticketing system
  • live chat widget customization features
  • reports and analytics
  • targeted messages

maintaining contact with your customers is hassle-free.

However, the lowest plan barely offers statistics and reports (only a daily summary, without any overview of the month or week) and lacks engagement features.

Also, it doesn’t provide chatbot support for your business.

LiveChat pricing

It starts at $24, but the price of each plan differs depending on how many employees you have.

Is LiveChat any good?

Generally, it is a good tool for teams and companies, but it lacks some features in lower plans.

#3 Intercom as a Tidio alternative

Intercom can also be a Tidio alternative thanks to a live chat solution. The tool focuses on supporting, converting, and customer engagement. Let’s see what it offers.

How Intercom works: pros and cons

This tool provides many beneficial features, for example:

  • many integrations
  • mobile app
  • reporting
  • shared inbox
  • proactive chat

You’ll find some features that could help ecommerce businesses improve customer communication.


Before making a decision, you should consider some of its drawbacks. For instance, Intercom’s pricing might be confusing, and the data analysis could be slightly more advanced.

Intercom pricing

There are three plans, but it’s hard to estimate the price yourself. For more detailed info you need to contact sales.

Intercom pricing

Is Intercom any good?

Yes, it is a decent tool, but if you need some more advanced live chat business software, you may need to look elsewhere.

#4 Tawk as Tidio alternative

With Tawk’s modern live chat, you can stay in touch with your website visitors and provide great customer support.

How Tawk works: pros and cons

One of Tawk’s most significant advantages compared to other live chat tools is the fact that it’s free. Moreover, it makes it easy to share the tasks with your team members, integrates with major platforms enabling you to chat via multiple channels, and lets monitoring customers.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to upgrade your plan. Also, you can customize a live chat widget, but you have to pay to remove the Tawk logo.

Tawk pricing

Tawk is forever free.

Is Tawk any good?

It is quite a basic tool. If you’re looking for more advanced features and functionalities that would help you to increase customer engagement, this may not be the tool for you.

Tidio alternatives summed up

No matter what alternative you choose, make sure that it suits your needs and business model. But in case you haven’t decided yet, our recommendation is Smartsupp. With its solid features like unlimited chats, team inbox, or detailed reports, and others, your customer satisfaction and lead generation will increase.

Start a free trial and check how Smartsupp works in practice!