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Wherever you are you can always answer your customers using our mobile app.

Wherever you are you can always answer your customers using our mobile app.
Genuinely connect with your visitors
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Do you feel like the constant checking of your computer to see if you received a message from a customer is a waste of time?

No more of that - using our mobile app you can answer your customers whenever and wherever you are.

Things are easier and simpler using the app

The biggest plus is literally carrying the chat in your pocket. No need to go check your computer several times a day. Answer your customers quickly, anywhere you are. Make it your competitive advantage - being able to answer when your competition is already unavailable shows you care.

Naturally your phone can ring or vibrate to signal you have received a message. So you will never miss a conversation (and the purchase coming with it).

Call your customers anytime. If you have the phone details saved as part of the contact details, you can simply click on the number and call the customer. Remember - a phone call is one of the best converting channels you can engage your customers on.

Conversations overview

App offers a good overview of both open and resolved conversations - it is as comfortable as working in the Smartsupp dashboard. Click on the conversation and chat like you are used too!

Conversations in mobile app

Website visitors

Using our mobile app you can check the number of visitors on your website and the page they are currently on. And if you need to, you can send a message easily.

Website visitors in mobile app

Notifications and settings

Even though it is “just a mobile app”, it allows you to adjust a lot of settings so you don’t need to log on your laptop. So setting up a new notification or a shortcut is just seconds away.

Settings in mobile app

Do you need help with the app?

If you have any issue installing or using the app, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to help.