Who are agents?

Agents are the most important part of every live chat. They are people, who are communicating with visitors on your website. They answer questions or help your visitors to find the product they are looking for. But, before they can chat with your visitors, you need to create access for them in your Smartsupp account. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add new agents.

How to add new agents?

Adding a new agent is simple. Just go to Settings → Agents (1) and click on the Add agent (2) button.


Choose access level

  • Full access – This agent can access all personal and company settings, including billing info/details. They can also chat with visitors. Recommended only for senior employees or management.
  • Limited access – This agent can only access history, recordings, and personal settings (i.e., their profile, shortcuts, notifications). They can also chat with visitors.


How to activate/deactivate agents?

After you created agents, you still need to give them permission, whether they can chat with your visitors or not. There are two types of agents based on this:

  • Active agent – This agent can chat with your visitors.
  • Inactive agent – This agent can access dashboard, settings, history and video recordings, but can’t communicate with visitors on your website. Ideal for management, or owner, to check statistics of agents, change settings or access billing.

So, how can you activate or deactivate agents? Just slide the button to the right (activate) or to the left (deactivate).


How many agents can I add?


Package Number of agents
Free 3
Standard unlimited (*)
Pro unlimited (*)


* In STANDARD or PRO package the number depends on how many agents you bought the subscription for. You can choose the number of agents when creating your package (the price of your package depends on the number of agents). If you are not sure how many agents you pay for, you can check your current package in the billing section.

Note: See the pricing for more information.


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