How to work with conversations

The first thing you see, when logging in to the Smartsupp dashboard is the list of visitors and the sidebar. It is located on the left side of your dashboard. In this tutorial, we will look at what you can see and what you can do in the sidebar of the dashboard.


  1. Agent’s photo, name, and status. Agents can change their status to online/offline here.
  2. Visitor’s initials and the chat status. Later in this tutorial, we will show you what each of these statuses means.
  3. Visitor’s name and the text of the last message.
  4. Time since the last message and the number of new messages from your visitor.
  5. The number of online and offline agents in your account. Agents can’t see themselves here.

Which chat statuses can you see?

New chat.
New message(s) in active chat. The number of new messages is displayed in the bottom right corner.
Active chat, but with no new messages from your visitor.
You’re not in conversation with this visitor (for example if the chat was ended).
Visitor left website.
Visitor is typing a message.