Opções de Caixa de chat


After you successfully install Smartsupp on your website, the first thing that you would probably want to do is to set up the appearance and functionality of the chat box.
You will find the chat box options in Settings → Chat box → Options


Chat box language

Smartsupp is translated into many languages! We recommend always using the same language of the Smartsupp chat box, as you are using on your website. After you change the language, the whole chat box is automatically translated.


Chat box position

By default, the chat box is displayed in the bottom right corner of your website. But in case it’s blocking some important part of your website, or you simply don’t like it there, you can change it to the bottom left side by changing this option.

Customer satisfaction rating

This feature is only available in STANDARD and PRO package.

Turn on the agent rating, if you wish to know how well your agents are doing when communicating with visitors of your website. This feature is especially useful when you have multiple agents, and you want to continuously improve the quality of your customer support.


Hide chat box when you are offline

This feature is only available in STANDARD and PRO package.

You can use this option, in case you do not want the visitors to contact you when you are not online. The chat box on your website will remain hidden when there are no online agents in your account.

Hide chat box

Is your website in development, or are you just currently too busy to provide chat support? No problem! Use this option and hide the chat box from your website until you are ready to answer your visitors’ questions.

Authorization form

This form is displayed when you are offline. It requires visitor contact information so you can later reply to their message. You can enable the authorization form when you are online as well. The email is always mandatory. Then, you can choose whether or not your visitors will need to fill additional information like name, phone number, or consent with the processing of personal data.
In the PRO package, you can add groups to the authorization form – so your visitors will be able to choose, with which groups of agents (Marketing, Sales, Support….) they need to talk.


Any questions? Contact us at support@smartsupp.com