Statistics are only available in STANDARD and PRO packages. Only full-access agents and owner of the account are able to see Statistics.

Statistics are a useful feature if you want to monitor and continuously improve your customer service. If you are a manager, you can set goals for your agents, and check if they manage to meet them. Statistics also help you to identify specific areas where your employees can improve so you can help them to make progress.

Where to find Statistics?

Open your dashboard and click on the tab with the image of a graph. Only the owner of the account and full-access agents can see this tab.

Where you can find the statistics

If you use the feature Groups, you can pick a group in the upper right corner of the page and obtain data about a specific team

Group selection in statistics

How to read our graphs?

After opening the tab, you can see three graphs. Each of them shows a number of conversations during a selected period of time. You can set the time period in the upper right corner of the page.

What do these graphs tell you?

  • a number of conversations,
  • a number of new conversations that have been replied to,
  • a number of resolved conversations.

Přehled statistik ve Smartsupp

Conversation rating

This feature helps you to find out how your customers evaluate your agents’ performance.
On the left, you can see the overall average rating as well as how many positive, negative and neutral reviews you’ve received. To calculate the average rating, we use the arithmetic mean.

In the upper right corner of the graph, there are set options of time periods you can select to customize the graph. This way you can easily find out when your customers tend to leave better reviews and if their satisfaction changes depending on whether is low or high season (for example before Christmas).

Spokojenost ve Smartsupp statistikách

Response time

Would you like to know, how long does it take for your agents to reply? Now you can see all your agents’ response times in one graph. To calculate the response time we use the median.

The lower the response time, the better the performance. You can achieve a lower response time by using shortcuts and by communicating effectively with your customers. However, response time also includes the time it takes to answer your customers’ questions via email. That’s why sometimes your response time can be up to several hours or even days.

Rychlost odpovědí ve statistikách Smartsupp

Online time

This last graph tells you when exactly you were online (which means that at least one of your agents was active). It helps you to keep track of your agents’ performance and to monitor their activity during the day.

If you use the feature Group, you can pick a specific group In the right upper corner of the page to see the online time of individual agents from a selected team.

If you are a manager, this feature can help you to analyze and improve your team productivity and efficiency, especially if your agents work remotely.

Smartsupp statistiky s grafem času online

Statistics of individual agents

This feature is only available in the PRO package.

To see the statistics of a specific agent, click on “Overall” in the left corner of the page (next to the title “Statistics”) and switch it to “Agents”.

Smartsupp list of agents

What’s median and why should I use it?

The median is the middle score for a set of data that has been arranged in order of magnitude. The median is less affected by outliers and skewed data. That is why we are using it to calculate response times, and chat duration for Smartsupp statistics.


These are the 1st response times of one agent. The median is calculated as the “middle” value from data that has been arranged in order of magnitude. In this case, the median is 18 seconds (the fifth largest, and also the fifth smallest number in this data set).

Chat number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Median
Response time (seconds) 10 12 13 14 18 20 22 46 70 18


Still confused? Contact us via the chat box in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Please note that customer service is included only in paid packages.