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Breno added 10.8% of sales to their overall revenue by using Smartsupp

Featuring Jakub Klaus, E-commerce Director of Breno
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Jakub Klaus, the E-commerce manager of Breno, said, “We have been using Smartsupp for several years, mainly for communication with the customer.” With over 800 conversations per month, the challenge here was to boost sales that were already doing very well. In order to achieve this, Breno needed to improve and facilitate faster communication with their customers via live chat. They also wanted to reduce time spent on repeat questions, as well as gain visibility into buyer behavior. In essence, Breno aimed to improve and expedite customer communication to better understand their shoppers’ needs and preferences with more detail, with the intention to increase sales.
With an annual revenue of 60 million Euros, 58 physical store locations across Czech Republic, and a thriving e-shop that has been using Smartsupp for years, Breno Carpets and PVC products is one of the largest wholesale operations in Central Europe. Apart from carpeting, PVC parts, and general flooring material sales and distribution, Breno also offers installation services for the products they sell, turning homemaker dreams into reality.
Retail of carpets and PVC
Key features used
Live chat
Video recordings
"Smartsupp is a must for us–live chat helped us deliver a 30% higher order value and a 169% higher conversion rate, totaling to 10.8% of our total overall revenue with Smartsupp alone."
Jakub Klaus, E-commerce Director of Breno

Breno’s approach and key features used

Live chat

“Smartsupp is a must for us”, Jakub Klaus said. Breno’s need to communicate with their customers seamlessly was essential to boosting their sales, especially since over 10% of their very large customer base is attended via chat. In order to obtain more sales, Breno used the chat as a way to engage with customers before they made a purchase–this was also important when helping customers choose the product they were looking for.

Breno’s strategy with Smartsupp proved to be successful. Between the hours of 9:00 to 17:00, their team of 7 agents were attentively tending to 800 customer chats per month. They achieved a superb average response time of 6 seconds, and an amazing 98% overall satisfaction rating.

But, that’s not all–Breno also used their Google Analytics within Smartsupp to gain key insights: They found that 3.1% of their website visitors use the live chat, which delivers 10.8% of their total revenue. They also found that customers who use the web chat have a 30% higher order value on average. Best of all, they achieved a whopping 169% higher conversion rate, and discovered that 1 out of every 5 customers assisted on live chat makes a purchase.


The chatbot was essential to optimizing the workload of their 7 agents, as well as reducing costs for the company. Overall, chatbot decreased the number of repetitive questions by 50%. Jakub Klaus also reported saving Breno substantial hiring costs, simply by setting up the chatbot, which has the added benefit of working after the regular workday hours of 9:00-17:00.

Video Recordings

Video recordings helped Breno visualize their visitors’ and customers’ buying habits and overall behavior. Thanks to Smartsupp’s session recordings, they are able to literally see what the customers are doing on their website, while the data and metrics they pull combine to show them who their customers are. Klaus says, “Video recordings are very useful and very unique. It gives me specific information about my customers’ behavior that I can actually see.”

Chat statistics

Breno’s chat statistics speak for themselves–their pride in customer care combined with Smartsupp’s features allowed them to deliver the outstanding assistance their visitors needed, surpassing all expectations and demands.

monthly conversations
decrease in repetitive questions with chatbot
satisfaction rating
first response time

Achieving great results with Smartsupp

Some notable recorded results Breno achieved by using live chat support with humans or chatbots were:

conversion rate
People who chat have +169 % higher conversion rate than those who don’t. People who interact with Smartsupp tend to buy 1.6x more often.
3.1% of visitors who chat make
of revenue
3.1 % of visitors (who chat) make 10.8 % of total revenue. Small amount of visitors can have a huge impact on revenue.
average order value
Average order value increased by 30% when people chat. Be online, response quickly and try to have as many conversations as possible.
conversation ends with conversion
Every 5th conversation ends with conversion. Be online, response quickly and try to have as many conversations as possible.
Check Breno out at and have a look at how their chatbot and live chat assistance works. Their story and approach can serve as genuine inspiration for anybody looking to achieve the great results they obtained with Smartsupp.


Looking to improve communication with their customers, Breno installed Smartsupp due to its powerful live chat and the various features used for visitor engagement. Within 4 years of using Smartsupp, and despite Breno’s already very large and thriving wholesale business, the Czech flooring leviathan still saw significant improvement in their online sales, conversion rates, and overall effectiveness in customer communication. Enhanced visibility into their shoppers’ buying habits with video recordings was the icing on top of the cake, making their use of Smartsupp absolutely invaluable to the company’s booming sales.
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