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KetoDiet increases conversions by 30 orders per month and achieves a customer satisfaction rating of 95.4%

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The company faced challenges with slow and ineffective communication with customers. This negatively impacted their customer service quality overall, and also increased the workload for customer service agents. They needed to achieve a faster response time, as well as decrease the workload of their human agents by using FAQ chatbots.

KetoDiet’s Approach and Key Features Used

Smartsupp's live chat and chatbot features helped unify their agent’s responses, and also helped them reply faster–it was a clear improvement on their response time and customer service quality. The chatbot helped solve 30-35% of inquiries, filtered questions, and decreased the workload for agents. KetoDiet also employed two full-time human agents to help manage the load of requests–one part-time agent for nutrition counseling, a full-time agent strictly for customer service, and a chatbot that happily does overtime for FAQs.


KetoDiet is a protein-based weight loss company that has been in business for over 11 years. They offer a healthy and effective method of weight loss through educating customers about the practice of a healthy lifestyle.

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Metrics and Numbers

KetoDiet used Smartsupp for 36 months–during this time range they had an average of 417 conversations per month. In 2022, the company had a total of 5000 conversations. Their first response time was 1 minute 47 seconds, and they earned a customer satisfaction rating of 95.4% positive, 3.3% neutral, and 1.3% negative.

The most active hours on the chat were from 8:00-18:00, with an extension from 20:00-22:00 during peak season, 7 days a week. The number of questions per day varied from 15 to 40, depending on which day of the week it was. Thanks to live chat, KetoDiet achieved around 30 orders per month, with an average order value of 3000 CZK.

“With the chatbot, we are technologically more modern and attractive as an online business.”
Šárka Kaiderová, Director of Operations, Law & Processes
average order value of
CZK per month
of all queries is a part-time working day for an agent
of communication with customers handled by chat
chatbot solves
of communication with customers
Instagram posts by KetoDiet including their customer's stories
Instagram posts by KetoDiet including their customer's stories


KetoDiet used Smartsupp’s live chat and chatbot features to improve their communication with customers, and achieve their customer care objectives with greater ease. Smartsupp’s features helped them provide faster responses, filter questions with chatbots, and decrease workload for their agents. The live chat helped KetoDiet increase conversions by 30 orders per month and achieve a customer satisfaction rating of 95.4%. Overall, KetoDiet’s successful use of Smartsupp’s live chat and chatbot features resulted in improved customer service quality and increased conversion rates.

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