UPDATE: Was bereitet Smartsupp für Q1 vor?

UPDATE: Was bereitet Smartsupp für Q1 vor?
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As you already know, we’ve started working on the new chatbox and Smartsupp multi-channel dashboard, which will connect Smartsupp with Facebook messenger and e-mail. We also wrote about all the new exciting features on our blog. We know you can’t wait fir the new features to come out and many of you are asking us when that will be.

Many new Smartsupp features will come out in Q1.

Since we announced we’re working on the new chatbox and omnichannel dashboard, our product team has been working as if their lives depend on it. We decided on a radical change, which will push our product to a whole new level. We are very excited about it and we already have big plans for the future. And even though it’s a great challenge for our developers, who have to implement the change, they didn’t get scared at all - they are buckling down.

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Thanks to that, you will be able to manage your FB messages and e-mails from Smartsupp as soon as Q1. At the same time, you and your visitors will be able to exchange files since, as we promised, with the new chatbox comes the new file-sharing feature. Great, isn’t it?

Chatting Dashboard smartsupp

But wait, there’s more to come!

We are also preparing something extra, we have not yet talked about. At the moment, we can tell you it’s to do with automatic messages. This change will allow you to work with them even more easily and effectively grab you visitors’ attention.

Chatbot Dashboard smartsupp

We’re looking forward to the changes and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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