Live-Chat – warum im Jahr 2020 verwenden? Top Vorteile und Tipps

Live-Chat – warum im Jahr 2020 verwenden? Top Vorteile und Tipps
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A web page without live chat is like a shop without a shop assistant. But when you put a chatbox on your page, you gain an enormous competitive advantage. Once you give your web visitors a chance to reach out, it is easier to make them into happy customers.

Why is that, you ask?

Even though there are many businesses still using traditional channels such as mail and phone, web visitors dictate a different trend - 41% prefer live chat over other forms of communication.

live chat

Why? The reasons may vary. Millennials, for instance, communicate via chat most of the time, therefore calling just feels very unnatural. Moreover, you can do other things while chatting and people find this chance to multitask very convenient. The most common reason though is that chat enables you to solve the problem in real time without holding on line. 

Gain the competitive advantage!

The initial advantage you gain by allowing your visitors to reach out to you in a personal, fast and effective way. 

But you can do lots more! According to a study by Reshoper, 54,1% of questions come in between 10AM – 3PM. However, many e-shops forget about the customers who shop in the evening. 15,1% of all questions get asked from 7PM ‘till midnight. Install live chat app on your phone and answer your customers’ questions at a time when most other e-shops are asleep.

live chat hours

Increase conversions and save money on sales and marketing!

Using live chat increases conversions. Our internal data shows that the customer who used live chat is 5x more likely to buy, than the one who didn’t.

And once you help your customer with their purchase, you will increase the chance of them coming back to you. Positive experiences build your customers’ loyalty. In the end you can achieve a similar effect that sales and marketing has. 43% of customers are spending more money at brands they are loyal to.

live chat loyalty

Provide quality customer care!

To achieve the mentioned positive experience, you also have to make sure that your communication is effective. A big plus is that chat enables you to talk to more customers at the same time. But they still expect you to solve their problem quickly. 45% of customers do not finish their purchase if their question does not get an immediate answer.

Here are a few tips on how to communicate better:

  • Use shortcuts. Thanks to these pre-designed messages, you will be one step ahead of your customers by answering frequently asked questions in no time. 
  • Let them know you’re there. Your customers expect quick responses but they also understand that you’re not a robot. Once you read their message, acknowledge it. If you need more time to answer them, a quick “I’m on it, please wait a moment” will do the job.No prompt reply, when you are online, will make them leave the website disappointed, giving you a negative rating. 
  • Be brief. When you send the first message, say “Hello!” first and then get into their question in the next one. Avoid typing long paragraphs, consider having links to the articles or tutorials handy. If the matter is too complicated, suggest sending an email including all the important details and so on.

You can do all o****f this with Smartsupp

Smartsupp gives you all the features you need to take your customer communication to a next level: 

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