What were we working on the last 6 months? ?

What were we working on the last 6 months? ?
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The second half of the year 2018, we began with research among you, users. We were finding out how Smartsupp live chat works and what we could make better. We knuckled down and now we are releasing the improved version of Smartsupp dashboard where chatting will be more pleasant for you and working with visitors and searching in history will be easier.

Simpler and well-arranged listing of visitors

We organized significantly the settings of visitors and customers. Thus, the service of chats in progress and the incoming ones is much easier.

You will notice right away the filters thanks to which you can filter identified customers, visitors you are currently writing to or those whom you’ve sent an automatic message.

You can easily distinguish the active visitors thanks to coloured avatar and green dot. Now nothing is easier than saying “Hi” to visitors who are looking at the new top product.

With the new listing, you will never miss any chat and you won’t forget to reply to the incoming visitor’s message. Smartsupp will notify you of how long the visitor is waiting for their answer. If they’re waiting for a long time, the time will turn red.


Faster chatting ⚡?

Chatting itself got probably the most gadgets. We made the navigation between the chat in progress and the history of the given visitor easier. We unified all the important information on the right information board and what’s best - shortcuts using is now super fast!


Nothing will ever get lost in the history

Do you need to make the customer support better? In your history, you can find all the chats with bad rating in the last two months. You can analyze them quickly and the next time you will avoid the same mistakes.

Or go through the good rating from your customers to lift your spirits.