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smartsupp-iphone-en-02iPhone & iPad

Sie haben noch kein Smartsupp-Konto? Melden Sie sich in nur 2 Minuten kostenlos an.

SCHRITT 1Install Smartsupp live chat

Search for Smartsupp on App store, install and open it. Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

SCHRITT 2Log in to Smartsupp account

If you do not have a Smartsupp account, you can create a free account (1). If you already have one, then just use your Smartsupp Email (2) and Password (3) in order to Log in (4).


SCHRITT 3Allow notifications

After you install the app and log in for the first time, you will be asked if you want to turn on the notifications for chats (1). This is very important to be notified each time visitor leaves you a message.

You’ll be also asked if you want to turn on the notifications for a new visitor on your website (2).

smartsupp-iphone-en-03smartsupp-iphone-en-03Don’t forget to allow the notifications also in your mobile settings! 


SCHRITT 4Profile settings

If you need to change your chat status or turn on the offline notifications, just click on your profile picture, which is available in all the tabs. Then you’ll be able to set the current chat status (1) or activate/deactivate offline notifications (2).

In case, you need to change anything directly in your profile settings, just click on Edit (3), which will open the profile settings in Smartsupp mobile app. Here you can set your name (4), description (5), login email (6), or change your password (7).


SCHRITT 5Account settings

When you need to set up or change the basic behavior of the chat, just click on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner. In the first part, you can find the basic chat box (1), chatbot (2), and shortcuts settings (3). You can also connect your FB page with your Smartsupp account (4) directly in the mobile app.

In the second part of the settings, you can modify your notifications settings (5). There is also the possibility to access our bug report form (6) in case your app is not working as it should.

The third part of the settings will be useful if you are having trouble setting something up (in this case we recommend checking our Help center) or if you want to know more about our general terms and privacy policy & GDPR (7).

If you need to log out (8) of the app, just click on the last button in the settings.


Chat box settings (1)

Chat box settings in the mobile app offer you the possibility to set or change the general (1) chat box settings such as chat box language, timezone, or satisfaction rating. In case you want to change the color of your chat box, basic texts visible in the chat box, or the chat button theme, you can do it in design (2) settings. In order to be always able to reply to your customer’s questions, we recommend setting on the contact form (3), which is also possible directly in the mobile app. More information about why to use this form are available in this tutorial.

After setting all of the mentioned things you can check, how the chat box will look and behave on your website by clicking on the Live demo (4) option. It is also possible to find a Smartsupp chat code (5) there.


Chatbots (2)

The mobile app offers you also the possibility to set up or update your chatbots or automatic messages. After you click on the chatbots tab, you’ll be able to edit or delete all your created chatbots and automatic messages. You can also add a new chatbot or automatic message. 


Shortcuts (3)

In order to speed up your communication with the customers, you can set up shortcuts. They will be especially helpful when you’ll work from your mobile phone. You can find them in the Shortcuts settings, where you’ll be able to see the already created ones and also add a new one by clicking on the ‚+‘ icon in the upper right corner.


SCHRITT 6Visitors

In the Visitors tab, you can see all of the people who are actively browsing your website, and you can easily contact them.


Warning: You might notice that there is a difference between the number of visitors on the desktop version and on the mobile app. This is because only active visitors are visible on the mobile app and inactive visitors are not displayed. This was done to optimize the speed of the mobile app.

SCHRITT 7Go online and chat with your visitors

Change your status to available (1), by clicking on your picture in the top left corner (see all the Profile settings possibilities here).
You can see all ongoing chats in the Conversations‘ tab. If you need to access older ‚Resolved‘ conversations, just click on the icon with the checkmark (2) in the right upper corner.


You can easily answer your visitor by joining the conversation (1) and typing a message into the text area (2). You can also attach a file (3) and by clicking on the flash you can add a shortcut (4) to the conversations.

If you want to resolve the conversation, just click on the green checkmark (5) next to the visitor’s name or you can click on the three dots (6) in the upper corner. With this click, you’ll be able to see also other options, such as the possibility to mark the conversation as unread (7), assign conversation (8) to another agent, send a transcript of the conversation to the email (9) or block a visitor (10). 


In case you want to know more information about the visitor, such as the visitor’s name, email, browsing history, etc., just click on the visitor’s name (1). You can also edit the basic visitor’s information there by clicking on Edit (2).


The mobile application also allows you to use our email integration, which means that you can send your answer to a customer’s question to his email. This option is available by clicking on the button in the left lower corner under the text area (1). There you can choose if you want to reply to the live chat (2) or send the answer to the customer’s email (2).



In the mobile app, you can also access the SmartHup page, where you can find basic statistics of the conversations and your active chatbots. 


SCHRITT 9iOS notification settings

In case you did not allow notifications as described in Step 3 of this tutorial, you may need to allow them in the iOS settings. Go to Settings > Notifications (1) > Smartsupp (2).

Select Allow notifications (3). We would also recommend allowing Sounds and Badges (4) so you can react to your visitors‘ messages as fast as possible, and won’t miss anything.


SCHRITT 10Wie mache ich eine Rückerstattung?

Wenn Sie das Premium-Paket direkt in Ihrer App über einen In-App-Kauf bezahlt haben, werden Rückerstattungen in diesem Fall direkt von Apple abgewickelt.

Wenn Sie eine Rückerstattung beantragen möchten, befolgen Sie bitte diese Anweisungen:

  1. Öffnen Sie diesen Link und melden Sie sich hier mit Ihrer Apple-ID an.
  2. Wählen Sie die Option „Rückerstattung beantragen
  3. Wählen Sie den Grund, warum Sie eine Erstattung wünschen
  4. Klicken Sie auf Weiter
  5. Wählen Sie das Smartsupp-Abonnement
  6. Und klicken Sie auf „Senden

Hier finden Sie ein vollständiges Tutorial, wie Sie eine Rückerstattung für Apps oder Inhalte beantragen, die Sie bei Apple gekauft haben.

Gut gemacht! Jetzt haben Sie alles, was Sie brauchen, um mit Ihren Besuchern zu chatten.