Smartsupp Live Chat & Chatbots Integration

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SCHRITT 1 Go to settings

Login to your webshop admin area and go to:

  1. Settings (Beállítások)
  2. External connections (Külső kapcsolatok)
  3. Chat with the visitor (Chat a látogatóval)


SCHRITT 2 Add Smartsupp

Now click button on right side: Add (Hozzáad)


SCHRITT 3 Insert Smartsupp key

Your code is in Smartsupp - Settings - Chat box - Chat code.

  1. Select Yes (Igen) to display Smartsupp chat box on your site.
  2. Copy Smartsupp key from Smartsupp dashboard which is the single line at the end and insert it in code (number 2) as you see below.
  3. Finally click Save (Ment).


SCHRITT 4 Refresh site

Now go to your site homepage and refresh browser.

To chat with visitors and see them on website log in to Smartsupp.