Windows Phone

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SCHRITT 1Search for IM+

Search for IM+ app in Microsoft Store, install and open it.

smartsupp-xmpp-windows-phone-01 smartsupp-xmpp-windows-phone-02

SCHRITT 2Fill in your UID

Read carefully or your connection will not work.


  1. Do not use your account e-mail ! 
  2. Fill in UID which is unique e-mail for your mobile connection.
  3. Copy it from Dashboard > Settings > Personal > XMPP
  4. Or click here:


  1. Do not create new password !
  2. Use your Smartsupp account password.


SCHRITT 3Change your status

You can switch status to Online or Offline.

SCHRITT 4 Visitors

Contacts show a list of visitors on your website that you can chat with.


Well done! Now you have all you need in order to chat with your visitors.