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Änderungen: Smartsupp-Ereignissen an Google Analytics senden

Google Analytics

Änderungen: Smartsupp-Ereignissen an Google Analytics senden

We believe that many of you are taking advantage of the possibility to connect Smartsupp events to Google Analytics. This allows you to analyze conversations better and constantly move your business forward.

With the new Smartsupp version come changes in Google Analytics events. We’ve adjusted them to help you analyze the progress of your conversations better. And we also added some brand new ones! Current events that are sent to your GA accounts are listed, even with a brief description, in our article in the Help section.

An important note in conclusion. We have changed the titles of events that we send to GA. This means that if you work with events in your own reports or, for example, you send them to Google Ads as goals, you need to update it in those systems.