Chat with visitors in real-time

Instantly answer your visitors questions. You will receive a notification every time a visitor starts a chat conversation with you.

Record the screens of your visitors

Watch video recordings of any visitor on your website. You see his screen, mouse movement and clicks. Great for understanding the behavior of your customers.

Supported platforms

Smartsupp can be used on any website. Take a look at our tutorials for integrating with the most well known platforms.

Chat with visitors on your smartphone

Answer questions of your customers from anywhere on your iPhone or Android phone.

Adjust Smartsupp to match your webdesign

Customize colors, texts, position and picture of Smartsupp chat box to fit your company identity. Do advanced customization with our API.

Engage visitors with auto-messages

Set up custom rules to automatically send personalized messages to your visitors.
Auto-messages increase online sales.

Track impact on sales in Google Analytics

You can measure the impact of Smartsupp from conversion rate and customer behavior in Google Analytics. See our Google Analytics tutorial.

Your customers are on your website right now.
Chat with them and see what they do.