Android (Xabber)

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Étape 1Search for Xabber

Search for Xabber in Google Play, install and open it.


Étape 2Fill in your UID

Read carefully or your connection will not work.


  1. Do not use your account e-mail ! 
  2. Fill in UID which is unique e-mail for your mobile connection.
  3. Copy it from Dashboard > Settings > Personal > XMPP
  4. Or click here:


  1. Do not create new password !
  2. Use your Smartsupp account password.

smartsupp-xmpp-android-02 smartsupp-xmpp-android-03  smartsupp-xmpp-android-04

Étape 3 Battery optimization

Allow XABBER to stay connected on background to get notifications and messages.

Étape 4Disable auto-away status

To prevent Xabber from switching to « AUTO-AWAY » mode, go to Settings.

smartsupp-xmpp-android-06 smartsupp-xmpp-android-07 smartsupp-xmpp-android-08 smartsupp-xmpp-android-09

Étape 5Change your status

You can switch status to Available (online) or offline.


Étape 6Visitors

You will see a list of visitors on your website that you can chat with.


Well done! Now you have all you need in order to chat with your visitors.