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smartsupp-iphone-en-02iPhone & iPad

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step 1 Install Smartsupp live chat
Search for Smartsupp on Google Play, install and open it. Requires Android 5.0 or later.

Tip: Smartsupp can also run on tablets and iPads.

step 2 Log in to Smartsupp account
If you do not have Smartsupp account, you can create free account. If you already have one, then just use your Smartsupp Email (1) and Password (2). You can also choose your status, online or offline (3).
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step 3 Settings
Click on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner where you can set up the basic behaviour of the chat. You can change your profile settings (1), company description (2), settings of a chat box (3), create new shortcuts (4), enable/disable automatic messages (5), and change other general settings (6). Then you can click on the help (7) to find the tutorials on how to use different features. It’s also possible to access general terms (8) and privacy policy & GDPR (9).

smartsupp-android-en-03 smartsupp-android-en-04

step 4 Visitors and profile
In the Visitors tab, you can see all of the people who are actively browsing your website, and you can easily contact them. By clicking on your profile picture, you can edit (2) your name, description, and change your status (1).

smartsupp-android-en-05 smartsupp-android-en-06

Warning: You might notice that there is a difference between the number of visitors on the desktop version and on the mobile app. This is because only active visitors are visible on the mobile app and inactive visitors are not displayed. This was done to optimize the speed of the mobile app.

step 5Go online and chat with your visitors
Change your status to available (1), by clicking on your picture in the top left corner. You can also change your personal settings, such as picture, name, or description.
You can see all ongoing chats in the “Opened” tab. If you need to access older conversations, just click on the “Closed” tab.

smartsupp-android-en-07 smartsupp-android-en-08

You can easily answer your visitors, just type a message into text area (1). To speed up the conversation, you can use shortcuts (2). By clicking on menu – three dots (3), you can open visitor info (1), end chat (2) or block visitor (3).

smartsupp-android-en-09 smartsupp-android-en-10

In the visitor info, you are able to see and edit (4) the information about this visitor.


step 6Android notifications settings

You may need to allow notifications in Android settings. This is the tutorial on how to do that in Android 9 (Android One version). Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications (1) > find and select Smartsupp (2)

smartsupp-android-en-12  smartsupp-android-en-13

Click on Notifications (3) and enable the option show notifications (4). Once enabled, you will receive notifications in all of these cases:
1) Smartsupp app is open,
2) Smartsupp app is closed (running in the background),
3) phone screen is locked.

If the notification is off, notifications will not arrive.


step 7Android battery optimization settings

Disable battery optimization for Smartsupp to avoid problems with notifications. Go to Apps & Notifications (1) > Smartsupp (2) > click on Advanced (3)

smartsupp-android-en-12 smartsupp-android-en-13 smartsupp-android-en-16

Click on Battery (4) > Battery optimization (5) > select All apps (6) > find and click on Smartsupp (7) > choose Don’t optimize (8) > click on Done (9)

smartsupp-android-en-17 smartsupp-android-en-18 smartsupp-android-en-19


Well done! Now you have all you need in order to chat with your visitors.