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Choose tutorial: Android, iPhone

step 1Search for Smartsupp live chat

Search for Smartsupp on Google Play, install and open it.

step 2Log in to Smartsupp account

Use your Smartsupp Email and Password in order to Login.


step 3 Profile and Notifications  

Click on 3 dots icon to see Edit Profile and Notifications.


step 4 Profile

Write your Name and fill in Note which can be a job title or a motto (visible to customers).


step 5 Notifications

Enable notifications for incoming chats and new messages.

smartsupp-android-06 smartsupp-android-07

step 6 Go online and chat with your visitors 

Click on status icon and switch to Online or Offline.

smartsupp-android-08 smartsupp-android-10

Well done! Now you have all you need in order to chat with your visitors.