Chat box – Options (old)

After you successfully install Smartsupp on your website, the first thing that you would probably want to do is to set up the appearance and functionality of the chat box on your website, right?
You will find the chat box options in Settings > Chat box > Options

Chat box language

The first option which you can see is the chat box language. As of now, Smartsupp is translated to 40 languages! We recommend always using the same language in Smartsupp, as you are using on your website. After you change the language, the whole chat box is automatically translated. Do you want to add custom texts? No problem! You can add your custom texts to Smartsupp easily in Settings > Chat box > Texts

Tip! Do you have a multi language website? You can change the language on different mutations of your website with just one line of code, using API.

Chat box position

By default, the chat box is displayed in the bottom right corner of your website. But, in case, that it’s blocking some important part of your website, or you simply don’t like it there, you can change it to the bottom left side by changing this option.

Tip! Are you a developer, or an experienced user and would you like to play more with different positioning of the chat box on your website? Check out our API documentation!

Agent rating

Following works only in paid packages STANDARD and PRO.

Turn on the agent rating, if you wish to know how well your agents are doing when communicating with visitors of your website. This feature is especially useful, when you have multiple agents, and you want to continuously improve the quality of your customer support. What could be better, than gathering feedback directly from your customers? You can also ask a visitor for the text comment.

This is what agent rating looks like in your chat box:

smartsupp-chat-box-options-en-02  smartsupp-chat-box-options-en-03

Allow visitor to send chat transcript to email

You can allow visitors to send a chat transcript of a conversation to their email after the end of the conversation. This way, you can save valuable time of your agents, because they do not have to do this manually.

This is what your visitor will see when ending a conversation:


Sound notifications for visitors

If you check  this option, your visitor will hear a sound on your website for each incoming message. Less is sometimes more. If you have this option enabled, we recommend using less automatic messages, so your visitors are not unnecessarily annoyed by the sounds of every incoming message.

Show chat bubble

You can turn this option on, and create an eye-catching bubble for your website, so your visitor will immediately see that you are available and ready to help him. Chat bubble is only displayed when you are online. There are three type of chat bubbles, you can check out our tutorial on how to change the type and text of chat bubble in Settings > Chat box > Texts


Show chat box while offline

You can’t be online 24/7, but you still want to give your visitors a chance to contact you, right?
All you have to do is enable the offline form, so when you are offline, the chat box turns into an offline form, where visitor can send you a message, which is delivered to your email address. They have to fill in their name and email (a phone number is optional). You can set an email address to receive offline messages in Settings > General > Offline messages


Tip! If you are web developer, check out our API documentation for advanced changes!

Show pre-chat form

Following works only in paid packages STANDARD and PRO.

A useful feature when you want to know the email address and the name of your visitors (or optionally their phone number). This way, even if you miss the conversation, you can contact your visitor via email.

This is what pre-chat form looks like:


Tip! You can add custom columns to the pre-chat form using our API!

Show notice about personal data processing

We recommend turning this feature on and inform your users about how exactly you process personal data on your website. Insert the URL of your Privacy policy website here, so your visitors are able to reach this information with just one click. This notice is displayed in the pre-chat form, the offline form, and can also be opened from the chat menu.


Hide chat box

Is your website in development, or are you just currently too busy to provide chat support ? No problem! Use this option and hide chat box from your website until you are ready to answer your visitors.