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We introduce our improved chat categories which can help you to keep your chats better organized. Open chats are now divided into subcategories. Subcategories differ slightly depending on whether you have a single agent account or multi-agent account, with the latter being designed for better team cooperation.

Choose a guide tailored to your work style:

  1. I have only one agent
  2. I have more than one agent

I have only one agent


If you have just one agent (you), your open chats are now divided into two subcategories. That is a great solution for smaller and mid-sized companies where one person takes care of all communication or you leave your account open on the company’s computer and share the duty with your colleagues.

  • All – includes all unresolved conversations which are new and active chats. After resolving them, they will move from the tab “Open” to the tab “Resolved”.
  • New – here you can find new conversations which are waiting for your first response. Once you join the conversation, it will be visible only in the tab “All”.

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I have more than one agent


If you have more than just one agent to communicate with your visitors or you use our feature Groups, your tab “Open” is now divided into four subcategories. This is useful for dedicated teams or for higher comfort if there are more people in the team.

  • All – includes all unresolved conversations. This category will be appreciated by team leaders who can have a better overview of all the incoming chats.
  • Primary – this category is a combination of categories New and Mine. Here you can see new chats (from category New) and chats that you joined (from category Mine).
  • New – when a visitor contacts you for the first time, their message appears in this tab. Also, if you use our feature Groups (which is only available in the PRO package), this category will include new unassigned chats from your groups.
  • Mine – includes all unresolved conversations you are assigned to.

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