Email notifications for offline messages

If a customer writes to you while you were offline, you can set a notification to be sent to your email.

When activated, email notifications for offline messages are sent to all the email addresses of active agents on the account by default. 

Note:As the email integration is already available in the new version of Smartsupp, offline messages are now always sent to the agent’s email. Every agent can change their email of destination in their Profile here. The new destination email will also be the login email to Smartsupp.


How to enable/disable email notifications for offline messages? 

If you wish to receive email notifications for offline messages, make sure you activate them in Settings → Notifications (1) → Email notification (2). If you do not wish to receive email notifications, you can deactivate this option on the same page

smartsupp notification

Why am I not receiving the email notifications for offline messages?

Possible causes of this problem are:

  • You did not activate the notifications – follow the manual above to activate them.
  • You weren’t really offline – check, if you are really offline on all devices (including the mobile app).
  • You switched back to online too quickly – it takes approximately 2 minutes for the offline message to arrive to your email inbox. If you were offline when the customer wrote, but switched back to online less than 2 minutes after, you will not receive the email notification.
  • You opened the message in the dashboard – if you are offline, but open the message in the Smartsupp dashboard right after you receive it, you will not get the email notification.
  • Another agent is online – if you are offline, but another agent from your team (your group, if you use the Pro package) is online, the widget is still online and you will not receive the offline notification.
  • They went to spam – check the spam folder in your inbox.
  • Your inbox is full – you will have to delete some messages in your inbox to make space.
  • You are checking the wrong email – check if you have the correct address set in the agent’s profile here
  • Your email server is blocking our domain – ask your IT person to check if your email server is blocking domains and if yes, check if our domain ( or is not blocked.


Can the offline messages be sent to some other email address?

Yes, there are two ways how to set up a different email for the offline messages:

  • Change your email address in the Profile: Once you change it, the offline messages will come to this new email. If you have more agents and you want to receive the offline messages to some general email (e.g., one of your agents can change their email to this email address. Subsequently, all the offline messages will be received to this general email. You can change the email address here.
  • Redirect emails: You can set up a redirection of offline messages from your Smartsupp email to some other email. If you want to receive the offline messages to some general email (e.g., just set up the redirection of offline messages to the general email (the configuration depends on your mail client).


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