FAQ chatbot

This is currently a BETA feature. This means that it is still in development or being tested, and its behaviour or availability in some packages can be changed anytime.

An FAQ chatbot is a chatbot which answers the most frequent inquiries that your visitors may have. So instead of having them answered manually, they will be able to click on the question and the FAQ chatbot will provide the necessary answer.

How does the FAQ chatbot work?

Once a visitor comes to your website the FAQ chatbot launches and sends a welcome message that appears above the chat icon. After opening the chat box, they will see the frequently asked questions that you set up. If they choose one of them, the bot will display an answer in the chat box automatically, so you don’t have to answer them manually. They will be able to go back to the list of questions and choose some other question. However if the visitor decides to text you anyway, you will be able to see all the questions and answers of the FAQ chatbot they went through.

The FAQ chatbot launches to all visitors that come to your website. It triggers per session, which means that if your visitor leaves the website and comes back after e.g. one hour, the FAQ chatbot will be launched again.

How to add the FAQ chatbot?

Warning: If you previously published an automated Welcome Message we suggest deactivating it and using its content in the opening message here in the FAQ chatbot.

You can have 1 FAQ chatbot. You can add it in the Chatbot garage by clicking on the New bot button. You can keep and update the predefined messages, or create your custom texts.

First you will see an important warning already mentioned above. Once you deactivate the Welcome automatic message, you can copy the text to the FAQ chatbot welcome message field or you can add a short description of your website instead.

Subsequently you can decide whether to use the predefined questions and answers, or if you create your custom texts. It is possible to have up to 5 quick replies in the FAQ chatbot. Once you are done do not forget to click on the Publish button and thus save the settings.

Note: The quick reply title can contain up to 35 characters. The text of the message itself can contain up to 500 characters.

Predefined questions in the FAQ chatbot

In Smartsupp, there are three predefined automatic messages that cover the most common use cases. The questions are based on several years of experience and feedback from companies that use Smartsupp.

  1. Shipping & Payment: We ship our goods with UPS, FedEx or DHL. 🚚 You can pay using your credit card or via wire transfer. 💳
  2. Return and replacement of goods: We are sorry that something is wrong. Please pack the goods properly, enclose the completed Complaint Form in the package and send it to our address. As soon as the package arrives, we will inform you by email about the status of the complaint.
  3. Order status: Please send us your email address and a number of the order. We will take a look at it.

FAQ bot widget states

Any questions? Contact us at support@smartsupp.com