Connection with Google Analytics

You can measure the impact Smartsupp has on your conversion rate and visitor behavior in Google Analytics. Unless you use Google Tag Manager, Smartsupp starts sending data to your Google Analytics account the moment you insert Smartsupp code on your website. In case you use Google Tag Manager insert the following code in the Smartsupp code on your website (ideally under the line with 'smartsuppKey'):

_smartsupp.gaKey = 'UA-XXXX-Y';

If you are a developer and want more detailed info about Google Analytics integration, visit our API.

Smartsupp sends data to Google Analytics as events. In total we send 6 events actions which help you monitor behavior of chatting users. To see all the event actions Smartsupp sends to Google Analytics, go to the Event section (unlike in the picture, you will see the event actions in English).

Now all you need to do is create a new segment to filter out data of chatting visitors. You can create a segment for any kind of Smartsupp event action. The most useful metric is the 'Conversation' event action.

When you have the segment created you can see and compare behavior of chatting visitors vs all visitors. In the example you see there were 71 chatting visitors vs 3796 total visitors. With that you can calculate 1.9 % of visitors is engaging in a conversation with you and more info.

The most important thing you can measure is impact of Smartsupp chat on conversions (goals). You are able to see conversion rate of chatting visitors vs your overall conversion rate.

Have any questions, suggestion of additional events to measure or want to share your data from Google Analytics? Let us know in chat.