Google Analytics connection

This feature is only available in STANDARD and PRO package. 
Currently, Smartsupp events are not sent in Google Analytics 4. We are working on an improvement.
step 1 Measure impact
You can measure the impact Smartsupp has on your conversion rate and visitor behavior in Google Analytics. You can set up if you’d like to send the data to your Google Analytics or not in your account. Open the section Settings > Account Settings > Google Analytics.

step 2 Event actions  

In Google Analytics, event tracking is hierarchically made up of 4 elements: Category, Action, Label, and Value. For our needs, we use only the first 3.

Smartsupp sends data to Google Analytics as events. In total we send 8 events actions which help you monitor the behavior of chatting users. You can find all these event actions in event category = Smartsupp.


With new Smartsupp version (June 2020) we updated and added more GA Events. They are all being sent in English only.

Event actions and labels (description)

Note: You can also use our API for some events!

Triggered message sent
Event is sent every time visitor gets auto message (trigger). Number shows how many people received auto message. If you want to know how many people replied to auto message (trigger) have a look at event: “Trigger started conversation”
– Event label = title of the triggered message in your dashboard

Trigger message viewed
When visitor reacts (opens chatbox) on triggered message.
– Event label = title of the triggered message in your dashboard

Trigger started conversation
When visitor responds to triggered message.
– Event label = title of the triggered message in your dashboard

Visitor started conversation
When visitor initiates a conversation himself.
– There is no Event label assigned

Conversation served
When a message is exchanged between visitor and an agent (or chatbot).
– Event label = agent’s name

Contact form filled
When visitor fills the contact form.
– There is no Event label assigned

Offline message sent
When visitor sends an offline message.
– There is no Event label assigned

Feedback sent
When visitor fills and sends feedback form.
– Event label = rating level (1, 3, 5 = bad, normal, good)
step 3 Create new segment

Now all you need to do is create a new segment to filter out data of chatting visitors. You can create a segment for any kind of Smartsupp event action. The most useful metric is the ‘Conversation’ event action.


step 4 Compare behaviour

When you have the segment created you can see and compare behaviour of chatting visitors vs all visitors. In the example you see there were 71 chatting visitors vs 3796 total visitors. With that you can calculate 1.9 % of visitors is engaging in a conversation with you and more info.


step 5 Conversions

The most important thing you can measure is impact of Smartsupp chat on conversions (goals). You are able to see conversion rate of chatting visitors vs your overall conversion rate.


Well done! All is up and running.

Do you have any questions, suggestion of additional events to measure or want to share your data from Google Analytics? Let us know !