Connection with Mac OS X (Adium)

Smartsupp live chat integration

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Desktop connection tutorials: Mac OS X (Adium), Windows (Pidgin)

step 1 Download

Download Adium and install it.

step 2Add an instant messaging account
  • Service: choose XMPP (Jabber)
  • Jabber ID: fill in your UID login from Dashboard > Settings > Personal > XMPP (Jabber)
  • Password: use your Smartsupp password
step 3 Preferences 

Go to Adium > Preferences > Accounts. Select your account and Edit …


Accounts > Options Security > mark Allow plaintext authentication and click OK

step 4Change your status

You can switch status to Online or Offline.

step 5Agents

You will see agents (your co-workers) who are online but it is not possible to chat with them. You can send message but the other agent will not receive it.

step 6Visitors

You will see a list of visitors on your website that you can chat with.


Important notice: write .help in conversation to see a list of helpful shortcuts

Well done! Now you have all you need in order to chat with your visitors.