Smartsupp Live Chat & Chatbots Integration

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step 1 Find the Smartsupp Plugin

On the Dashboard of Shoper, see Additions and integrations – Dodatki i integracje (1) >> Application – Aplikacje (2) >> scroll down and click on the option Smartsupp – live czat, czatbot oraz nagrania wideo (4), in order to find the Smartsupp Plugin.

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step 2 Installation & Regulations

Click on the Instal application – Zainstaluj aplikację (5) button.

2Check Accept the appstore T&C – Akceptuję regulamin appstore (6), then click on the Install – Instaluj (7) button.

3You will get a message saying that the Smartsupp plugin was successfully installed.


step 3 Configure Smartsupp

Then go to the Add-ons and integrations – Dodatki i integracje (8) >> My applications – Moje aplikacje (9) >> Click on the Smartsupp logo icon (10).


step 4 Login to Smartsupp account

Then you can create a new Smartsupp account (11) or if you already have one, you can directly login into your Smartsupp account (12).


step 5 Chat with customers, API 

Then you can go chat with your customers (13) or adjust Smartsupp chat by using API (14).

Don’t forget to save the changes (15)  when using the API.7


If you wish for any reason to uninstall your plugin, please go to Add-ons and integrations – Dodatki i integracje (16) >> click on My applications – Moje aplikacje (17) >> then click on the Smartsupp – live czat, czatbot oraz nagrania wideo (18).

8Then, click on the Uninstall the app – ODINSTALUJ APLIKACJĘ (19) button,

and Confirm (20).

Manual code installation

If you are having trouble installing the Plugin you can try to install the code manually by adding it as a javascript snippet.

Your code is in Smartsupp - Settings - Chat box - Chat code.

Shoper integration, manually

Note: Please be noted that the custom configuration implemented into the Shoper must look easy and avoid the HTML tags like <script> </script>.
Required Look: if (window.location.href.indexOf(“”) > -1) { smartsupp(‘chat:hide’); }
Note: you may need to refresh your browser in order to see changes.

To chat with visitors and see them on website log in to Smartsupp.