Smartsupp Live Chat Integration

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step 1 Find the Smartsupp Plugin

On the Dashboard of Shoper, go to Application and search for “Smartsupp” in order to find the Smartsupp Plugin. Click the Install button.


step 2 Accept the appstore regulations

After you click the Install button you will need to accept the appstore regulations. Only then, you can proceed with the installation.


You will get a message saying that Smartsupp plugin was successfully installed.


step 3 Configure Smartsupp

Under the My Applications tab, select the Smartsupp plugin by clicking on it.


Proceed to Settings.


step 4 Login to Smartsupp account

You can Create free account or Connect existing account.


If all is ok you will see this page.


Manual code installation

If you are having trouble installing the Plugin you can try to install the code manually by adding it as a javascript snippet.

Your code is in Smartsupp - Settings - Chat box - Chat code.

Shoper integration, manually

step 5 Refresh site

Now go to your site homepage and refresh browser.

To chat with visitors and see them on website log in to Smartsupp.