Smartsupp Chat Code

Connect Smartsupp chat with your website

step 1Create account

Sign up to Smartsupp first to create your own account.

step 2Chat code

You will receive email with unique code which is also in Settings > Chat box > Chat code

var _smartsupp = _smartsupp || {};
_smartsupp.key = 'YOUR_SMARTSUPP_CODE';
window.smartsupp||(function(d) {
	var s,c,o=smartsupp=function(){ o._.push(arguments)};o._=[];
step 3Install chat

Insert the code in your website between tags <head> … </head>

DONEChat with visitors

Smartsupp chat is now visible on your website or online store. Sign in to Smartsupp to start chatting with your visitors. Set up visibility and design of chat box in Settings.