Statistics (old)

Statistics are only available in packages STANDARD and PRO. Only full-access agents and owner of the account are able to see Statistics.

Statistics are a useful feature if you want to monitor how well is your customer support doing, and continuously improve your service. So, if you are a manager, you can set goals for your agents, and check if they managed to meet them. Or you can see where they have reserves and help them with improvement.
You can find Statistics in Dashboard > Statistics. Only the owner of the account or full access agents can see Statistics.


Filters – firstly, use filters to choose the time-range for which you want to show statistics and group of agents (if you are using groups in your account). This way, you can e.g. see monthly statistics of your English speaking group of agents.

How are the numbers calculated?


  1. All chats (count) smartsupp-statistics-en-08
    • The number of all chats. It includes both, chats and missed conversations. Doesn’t include offline messages. This number also doesn’t include chats, in which only the agent sends the message, but the visitor doesn’t reply to this message(so the visitor never joins the chat). In this case, the chat is saved to the history, but it is not used for statistical purposes (as there is no response time, no rating, chat duration…). This is the reason, why in some cases, you may see a higher number of chats in history than in the statistics.
  2. Missed chats (count) smartsupp-statistics-en-08
    • The number of chats that your agents missed. Missed chat is created, when your visitor writes a message, and no agent joins the chat before the visitor leaves website / ends the chat. You can also see the percentage of missed chats.
  3. Offline messages (count) smartsupp-statistics-en-08
    • The number of messages, that your visitors sent you while you were offline.
  4. 1st response time (median) smartsupp-statistics-en-08
    • Time elapsed between your visitor writing a message and your agent’s first response to this message. So you can see how fast your visitors are being served.smartsupp-statistics-en-03
  5. Average chat duration (median) smartsupp-statistics-en-08
    • Chat durations is time between your agent joining the conversation and the end of the conversation.smartsupp-statistics-en-04
  6. Total chat duration (sum) smartsupp-statistics-en-08
    • Sum of durations of all your conversations for the selected time range. The chat duration is time elapsed between agent joining the chat and the end of the chat.
  7. Average rating (mean) smartsupp-statistics-en-08
    • The average rating that your visitors gave your agents. Calculated from ratings of conversations, that you can see in history. In this case, the mean is used.smartsupp-statistics-en-05
  8. Graphs smartsupp-statistics-en-09
    • Chats sorted by 1st response, chats by duration, chats by hour of the day in handy graphs, so you can clearly see the distribution of conversations based on these attributes.smartsupp-statistics-en-06
  9. Agents smartsupp-statistics-en-09
    • Individual statistics of each agent for a selected time range. This may help you set KPIs for your agents. You can see find your agents’ stronger or weaker points, and work together with them on continuous improvement.smartsupp-statistics-en-07

What’s median and why should I use it?

The median is the middle score for a set of data that has been arranged in order of magnitude. The median is less affected by outliers and skewed data. That is why we are using it to calculate response times, and chat duration for Smartsupp statistics.


These are the 1st response times of one agent. The median is calculated as the “middle” value from data that has been arranged in order of magnitude. In this case, the median is 18 seconds (the fifth largest, and also the fifth smallest number in this data set).

Chat number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Median
Response time (seconds) 10 12 13 14 18 20 22 46 70 18