Visitors (old)

The first thing that you can see after you log into your Smartsupp dashboard is a list of Visitors on your website. In this tutorial, we describe what each of these items means. You will find it in Dashboard > Visitors
This is what your visitor list looks like:smartsupp-visitors-en-01

  1. Filters
    • • All
    • • In chat
    • • Customers – identified via a pre-chat form or API.
    • • Auto-messaged
    • • Blocked
  2. Search bar – if you want to find or contact some specific visitors, you can search for them here.
  3. Visitor – visitor’s name and status are displayed here. Point your mouse cursor on the name of the visitor to see the number of visits and chats. Here is what visitor’s status can look like:
    • New chat
    • Chatting visitor – you are currently communicating with this visitor
    • Active visitor – is actively browsing your website, but you aren’t in a conversation with this visitor
    • Inactive visitor – did not have any activity on your website for more than 10 minutes

    The visitors are ordered according to this key:
    New chat > Chatting visitors > Active visitors > Inactive visitors

  4. Country – Flag of visitor’s country.
  5. Group – If you are using groups in your account, you will see visitor’s group here.
  6. Online – For how long is your visitor on your website.
  7. Current page – Here you can see where exactly the visitor is on your website, and the number of visited pages.
  8. Last message – Text of the last message in a conversation with this visitor and the time elapsed since the last message.
  9. Agent – Here you can see which agents are in conversation with this visitor.