Smartsupp Live Chat Integration

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Choose tutorial: WordPress.org, WordPress.com

step 1Install plugin

Go to Plugins > Add new and find Smartsupp Live Chat in plugin directory




step 2 Create account

smartsupp-wordpress-plugin-04 smartsupp-wordpress-plugin-05

step 3 Connect existing account

smartsupp-wordpress-plugin-06 smartsupp-wordpress-plugin-07

step 4 Chat box is visible 

Smartsupp is now visible on your website.


Manual code installation: you can also insert code directly in your theme using editor.

To chat with visitors and see them on website log in to Smartsupp Dashboard.


Choose tutorial: WordPress.org, WordPress.com

 Smartsupp cannot be installed on WordPress.com

Tracking code cannot be installed on a free hosted WordPress.com website due to the fact that custom plugins cannot be installed on the platform. In addition, custom JavaScript is blocked from being embedded within these types of sites.